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Mailbox Monday, January 30, 2012

Mailbox Mondays

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Only one book in my mailbox this week. From PBS:

In this gripping third novel in the acclaimed series, Myron Bolitar must confront a past that is dead and buried – and more dangerous than ever before. The home is top-notch New Jersey suburban. The living room is Martha Stewart. The basement is Legos – and blood. The signs of a violent struggle. For Myron Bolitar, the disappearance of a man he once competed against is bring back memories – of the sport he and Greg Downing had both played and the woman they both loved. Now, among the stars, the wannabes, the gamblers, and the groupies, Myron is embarking upon the strange ride of a sports hero gone wrong that just may lead to certain death. Namely, his own.

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2012.3 REVIEW – Damage by John Lescroart

by John  Lescroart

Copyright: 2011
Pages: 445
Rating: 4/5
Read: Jan. 16 – Jan. 29, 2012
Challenge: The Eclectic Reader 2012; Mystery & Suspense 2012
Yearly Count: 3
Format: Print
Source: Personal Copy

Blurb: The Curtlees are a powerful force in San Francisco, unscrupulous billionaires who’ve lined every pocket in the Bay Area in pursuit of their own ascent. So when the family’s heir, Ro Curtlee, was convicted of the rape and murder of a servant girl in the family home, the fallout against those responsible was swift and uncompromising. The jury foreman was fired from his job and blacklisted. The lead prosecutor was pushed off a career fast track. And head homicide detective Abe Glitsky was reassigned to the police department’s payroll office.

Then Ro’s lawyers win him a retrial, and he’s released. Within twenty-four hours, a fire kills the original trial’s star witness, and her abused remains are discovered in the ashes. When a second fire claims another participant in the case, Abe is convinced that Ro is out for revenge. But with no hard evidence and an on-the-take media eager to vilify any challenger, Abe finds himself in the crosshairs, wondering how much more he can sacrifice in the name of justice.

Review: So my grandmother gave me this book a couple of weeks ago with a glowing recommendation to read it as soon as I possibly could. Since 99% of the time we always agree on books, I jumped right into this one. I want to make it perfectly clear that while it took me what felt like forever to read this book, it had absolutely nothing to do with the book itself. It’s the fact that I’m not reading as much or as fast as I once was. That being said, seriously: read this book.

Having read a couple of Mr. Lescroart’s earlier Dismas Hardy novels, and one of the earlier Abe Glitsky books, I was a little familiar with most of the main characters in this book. And although I read it out of series order (something that I hate doing), I feel as if this could read perfectly fine as a stand-alone for anyone who is unfamiliar with Lescroart’s work.
The Curtlees were definitely some interesting characters. They actually reminded me a little bit of the people who were from the richest family in my hometown. And when I say rich, I mean super duper rich – private airplanes, trips to Paris to go shopping, vacation homes all over the country – you get the idea. And while the abovementioned family from my hometown may not be as devious as the Curtlees, they sure do own most of the town and most of the people in it. So I could relate a little bit to what the people involved in the investigation felt like when they were getting squeezed by the Curtlees to make sure that everything went their way.
I must say that the ending was surprising, but not completely out of left field for me. I had kind of a feeling as to where Glitsky was headed in his investigation into one of the murders. It was actually a really cool twist, if you want my opinion. And almost the perfect crime.
Overall, I would highly recommend this novel 100%. I thoroughly enjoyed it. As always, Mr. Lescroart has definitely written another winner in my opinion.
Sunday Wrap-Up

Another Week … Another quiet week on the blog.

Oh my, I am so bad. I have been reading. Just not a whole lot. But the end is finally in sight in the book I’m reading. And of course now it starts to get really good. Last night I read 50 pages and wanted to keep going, but my eyes were closing faster than I could read. Such is life I guess.

It was a rather interesting week for us, to be honest. We met hubby’s brother’s new girlfriend. They were only an hour late meeting up. Being late is my *biggest* pet peeve. It doesn’t make a very good first impression to be that late. 10-15 minutes, I can understand – you get stuck in traffic, you get a late start because you forgot something, etc. But an hour? And the excuse? She was getting her hair done and was late getting back from that. Please. She had all day to get her hair done. And then his brother’s cavalier attitude like they’ve done nothing wrong. Oh no, nothing at all, nope, you’re just an hour late and have made 4 other people be inconvenienced. But there’s nothing wrong with that, right? His brother has the baby-of-the-family can-do-no-wrong syndrome. I really shouldn’t have gotten started, it just irks me the more I think about it. And while she seems nice, I don’t want to get too invested in getting to know her. The last one he had (which was my personal favorite), yeah, I got too attached to her as a friend and then when she dumped him I lost a friend because she went back to her ex-boyfriend and felt it was better to cut ties with everyone associated with him. I can feel my blood pressure rising just thinking about everything, so I’m moving on now.

A couple of weeks ago we ordered new carpet for the entire upstairs. We are talking 1000+ square feet of it. Luckily they will move all of our big furniture. However, this does not include bookshelves with books on them. So I’ve been having to think about what the heck I’m going to do with all these books. I figure if I tackle it in small doses, it will be easier to get through. So last night I decided I would start with the books that I have listed on trade sites (Paperbackswap and Bookmooch). I was able to keep them in the same room, just put then on a shelf in the closet in that room. But oh my goodness. I have way too many books. I like to keep a good inventory on PBS because that ups my chances of having books requested from me and it also helps with the Box-of-Books feature. I did start a nice pile of books that I want to donate to my library. Soon I’m going to start tackling the 3 other bookcases. Eek. Yes, I did say *three*. And one of them is absolutely filled to the max. I’m talking books just stacked haphazardly because there’s not enough room. I am going to be making a major purge, I do believe. I say that and then nothing happens. But honestly, I have so many books, some of which no longer interest me. I really need to just donate a lot to the library, because if I just list them on PBS or Bookmooch, that won’t actually be getting them out of the house very quickly. And it sucks because the guy that I used to give a lot of my books to (the ones that wouldn’t move very fast on PBS), well he’s had a very bad stroke.

I tell Nathan that I’m a hoarder or books. I swear I like to own them more than I like to read them. Because as many books as I have, I think I could go my entire life without ever having to buy/acquire another book. Actually sometime last year I calculated up all my books and divided it by the average number of books I read in a year and decided that I could go something like the next 7 years without having to bring another book in the house. Insane, if you ask me. But I guess there could be a lot worse things to be addicted to 🙂

Well I think that’s all I’ve got for today. I will have a Mailbox Monday post coming up tomorrow. Other than that, I hope to get through the last of the book that I’m reading and get a review of it posted. I’m thoroughly enjoying it, I just don’t seem to have the time or the energy to read anymore. So I’m soooooo slow. Ugh. I hope everyone has a good up-coming week!!

Mailbox Monday, Meme

Mailbox Monday, January 23, 2012

Mailbox Mondays

Mailbox Monday is on tour, with January’s location being at At Home with Books.

I actually hadn’t received a book in the mail at all this year until the 21st! I think that’s got to be some kind of a record for me, haha!

A Paperbackswap wishlist book:

 Dust and Shadow: An Account of the Ripper Killings by Dr. John H. Watson by Lyndsay Faye

From the gritty streets of nineteenth century London, the loyal and courageous Dr. Watson offers a tale unearthed after generations of lore: the harrowing story of Sherlock Holmes’s attempt to hunt down Jack the Ripper.
As England’s greatest specialist in criminal detection, Sherlock Holmes is unwavering in his quest to capture the killer responsible for terrifying London’s East End. He hires an “unfortunate” known as Mary Ann Monk, the friend of a fellow streetwalker who was one of the Ripper’s earliest victims; and he relies heavily on the steadfast and devoted Dr. John H. Watson. When Holmes himself is wounded in Whitechapel during an attempt to catch the savage monster, the popular press launches an investigation of its own, questioning the great detective’s role in the very crimes he is so fervently struggling to prevent. Stripped of his credibility, Holmes is left with no choice but to break every rule in the desperate race to find the madman known as “the Knife” before it is too late.

I also received 5 books from my grandmother:


Buster is three!!

January 23, 2009 – Buster was born 🙂

2009 was a wonderful year for us. We had just bought our house in late December 2008 and were gearing up to put down hardwood floors and get everything painted and ready to move in. And then the ice storm hit around January 25th or 26th. And it was terrible. Personally, we were without power at our duplex for 5 days and without it at the house for 7. We were lucky enough to be able to go up and stay with my family so that we would have heat, but Nathan had to continue to work. So he had to make the drive back and forth until power was restored at our duplex.

I remember driving around through town and the place looked like a war zone. Everything was deserted, power lines were everywhere, trees/limbs were down. It was an absolute mess. It was unbelievable. I had never seen anything like it.

Flash forward to March of 2009. We had been moved into our house for a few weeks and the urge was starting to hit us. We *had* to have a puppy! So we went on the search. I’m not entirely sure why we chose to get a Westie, but it was a breed we both settled on. Then we lucked out and found a breeder only an hour away from us. So we called her up and talked to her and made plans to go down and see what she had one Saturday afternoon.

We get down there and fall in love with this sweet little ball of fur. He was very calm and sweet. He loved cuddling with us. We made our decision with very little thought. And while he was technically ready to go home that day, we felt more comfortable leaving him for one more week since we really weren’t all that prepared at home.

The next week the breeder was coming up and actually going right through our hometown to meet another woman buying a different puppy about another hour from us. So she said she would be more than happy to bring our little one along for the ride and we would meet at the rest stop right of the interstate, about a 7 mile drive from our house. It was perfect. I packed up the crate and a few toys and off I went to bring the little dude home.

Needless to say we fell in love immediately that night! And we’ve been so blessed to have him in our lives since then. Not a day goes by that he doesn’t manage to make us smile and laugh. I can’t believe that three years have passed; it doesn’t really seem possible to have been that long since we brought him home.

Happy birthday, Buster!


Miscellaneous Ramblings

Random Sunday Ramblings

Well to be completely honest, I haven’t read much at all this past week. I’m very disappointed in myself, but I have had a very busy week.

I was covered up at work all of Monday and Tuesday, which left no time for reading at all. Wednesday night we had a Saluki basketball game to go to, so no reading when I got home from that. And then Friday we went and saw Brantley Gilbert & Eric Church in concert – which was really awesome! And Baby G likes music 🙂

So I really didn’t get much reading done then, and yesterday my parents came down and we went out to eat for lunch and then to the mall to get me some maternity tops. I’ve been in maternity jeans for a month now, but I have still been able to wear my old tops. I can still wear most of them, but I wanted to go ahead and buy some new stuff. When I got home from the mall yesterday I proceeded to take a 3 hour nap because I actually didn’t sleep in from the night before (we got home at 12:30am and I was up by 7:15 – ugh!).

Last night my Salukis got creamed, we are talking the absolute worst outing in their 98 year history. I am so ashamed to be a Saluki fan today. We need to FIRE OUR COACH! But the stupid school signed him to a lucrative $750,000/year contract a few years back that now has 2 years remaining after this season, that they can’t afford to buy him out of. Ugh. Too bad the school has yet to realize that they are losing a ton of their season ticket holders and donors over this debacle … it would be more cost-effective for them to find a way to fire him rather than continue to lose attendance. But I’m not the one running the show.

Today I slept in … finally! And I’ve been working on getting a post scheduled for Mailbox Monday (I got a really cool looking book in the mail yesterday that I’m super excited about getting to!) and now this post. So I obviously haven’t read anything this morning either. And with the football games on this afternoon, even though I *hate* football, my husband will insist we watch them and I will have to either leave the room or hope he will agree to have the volume way down so that I can get some reading done. Oh, who am I kidding? I’ll just end up playing Yahoo games the entire time he watches the games, lol.

So I guess the argument could be made that I just haven’t been in the mood to read, because in all honesty, I have had opportunities to read this past week, I just haven’t done anything with them.

But I think I’m going to change that … I think I’m going to get off of here and go read 🙂 I hope everyone has a good day today!

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2012.2 REVIEW – Drop Shot by Harlan Coben

Drop Shot
by Harlan Coben

Copyright: 1996
Pages: 341
Rating: 4/5
Read: Jan. 8 – Jan. 15, 2012
Challenge: The Eclectic Reader 2012; Mystery & Suspense 2012; Off the Shelf 2012
Yearly Count: 2
Format: Print
Source: Personal Copy

Blurb: A young woman is shot in cold blood, her lifeless body dumped outside the stadium at the height of the US Open. Once her tennis career had skyrocketed. Now the headlines are being made by another young player form the wrong side of the tracks.

When Myron Bolitar investigates the killing he uncovers a connection between the two players and a six-year-old murder at an exclusive club. Suddenly Myron is in over his head. And with a dirty senator, a jealous mother, and the mob all drawn into the case, he finds himself playing the most dangerous game of all…

Review: So this is the second in the Myron Bolitar series. I read the first one (Deal Breaker) a long time ago. (And please excuse my terrible review, which was before I got very detailed in my reviews). I wasn’t too impressed, so naturally I wasn’t in very much of a hurry to get around to the second book. For whatever reason, I decided to give this series another shot. I’m glad I did. To be completely honest, having that big of a gap (3 years) in between reading the two books, I was a little lost. I didn’t remember the supporting characters. I didn’t remember some things that were mentioned. But that was okay for me; it didn’t hurt my opinion of the book at all.

What I continually kept asking myself while reading this book was this: was the first book this funny? I mean, I’m talking laugh out loud funny at times. Other times it was cheesy funny. But in all seriousness, I don’t recall Myron being humorous. I would assume that he was funny in the first book, that’s not something that is likely to change in a character; I just don’t remember that aspect of Myron’s character. Either way, I enjoyed the humor.

The big ah-ha moment came at a perfect time in my opinion. I hadn’t figured out what was really going on before the big reveal. That’s exactly how I like my books to be, I don’t want to figure it all out way too early and then have to finish the rest of the book. And to be completely honest, the person who ended up being the killer made perfect sense when I sat down and really thought about some of the clues left throughout the book.

Overall, I would recommend this book. I found it to be funny and enjoyable. And while I would recommend reading any series in order, this book stands relatively well on its own.

Baby Book Addict

Anatomy Scan & Deciding How Much to Share

On the 9th I went in for my anatomy scan. Since then I have been debating with how much to share with my readers. So after much debate, I’ve decided to share everything. Just to get it all off my chest.

We received a little bit of tough news during my scan. Not life-threatening, world-crushing, or heartbreaking news. Just tough. And when I say tough, it basically means that it could be nothing or it could be something. Right now there are no additional tests to be done. And the chances of it being something are slim to none.

However, to me, it’s something. I’m the one carrying little G (He has a name, but we’re not sharing that until birth, so he will be G until June). I’m the one growing him. And for me to be told that there could be something wrong … it’s hurting me. Terribly.

So, now that I’ve been pretty cryptic, I’ll give you the whole scoop.

First I go in for my regularly scheduled doctor appointment. I’m up 1 pound, my blood pressure was a little elevated (shouldn’t have had those chips with lunch right before my appointment!), we found his heartbeat on the doppler and it was normal, and all my screenings came back negative. I left there feeling pretty good. Then it was downstairs to go to the anatomy scan.

I had read a little bit about anatomy scans, so I knew pretty well what they were going to be looking for. But I was still a little bit nervous because this was where we could see if there were any major problems. Unfortunately, I was alone at this point because my mother had a previously scheduled appointment of her own in the same building and since we were running late she couldn’t go to the scan with me. But I was fine with that. I would have liked for her to have been able to experience the ultrasound with me, but whatever.

The technician was very nice and thorough. She took a lot of images and we got 5 or 6 keepsake pictures. She confirmed that G. is still a boy – we had found out with an elective U/S at 15 weeks, and I wanted to double check because I actually do know people who have been surprised in the delivery room … when they didn’t really want to be! She went through everything, but I noticed she was focusing on the heart quite a lot. I didn’t think much about it at the time, I just assumed that since the heart is such an important organ that it’s commonplace to look so in-depth at it. But she quit saying as much to me. I still didn’t think much about it, mainly because he was moving around a lot and giving her heck about staying still to get the images. It wasn’t until she was completely done and started printing our images that she asked if I had been scheduled for a consultation as well. I told her I didn’t know, this appointment was made for me through my OBGYN and all I knew was when and where to show up.

This was the red flag. I thought to myself, something isn’t right. If the technician suspects there’s a problem, then it must be a big one. The images haven’t even crossed a doctor’s desk yet. She leaves the room and I’m all alone and panicking. You can imagine how I felt at this point. Apparently, the doctor who reads these images was working out of a different office that day. But I had signed a teleconference release form while in the waiting room. So I got to teleconference with the doctor in a little room with just a chair, desk, TV … and tissues. More panicking ensues.

I’m sitting there waiting for the doctor to come into the room on her end. She finally does and she sits down and says that everything looks normal, but that he has an Echogenic Intracardiac Focus (EIF). My heart broke. It’s basically a white spot, a calcium deposit, on his heart. She starts talking about pediatric cardiologists. Then she asks me if I had done any of the prenatal screening. I told her yes and that I had just found out that everything came back negative. But then I remembered the nurse telling me before they took the blood work for the screening, that there are false negatives. So, more panicking.

At this point my head is spinning, my world is crashing down around me, and I don’t know what to do. She indicated that this could be nothing, that sometimes they just pop up on ultrasounds, and then in a routine 3rd trimester ultrasound, it might be completely gone. Or it could be something that we would have to deal with after he’s born. I asked if there was any additional tests that I would need to have done, she said no. Okay. So by this point my parents have re-joined me in this little conference room and they only hear the tail end of all this. At this point I can’t even remember what the name of the problem even is. That’s how much my head was spinning.

Then they send me on my merry little way. I drove separate from my parents to the hospital, and we were going to go and do other things after my appointment, but first we were going to take my car home and that way we would only have one car when we met up with my husband for dinner later that night. So I called Nathan in my car on the way home. I’m crying and trying to get all this out to let him know what’s going on and I can’t even tell him what the name of the problem. All while trying to drive home. I’m sure I looked like a crazy woman! He calms me down and reassures me that we will deal with what we have to deal with as it comes to me.

But by this point I’m stuck on the word Intracardiac. I have a friend who has a 3 year old little boy who was born with a heart problem and actually had open heart surgery 3 days after his birth. That was just the first of many heart surgeries that he has had to go through. Now they have been told that he needs many more surgeries, but that it’s only going to get worse from here. They can choose to do the surgeries, or they could let him live out the rest of his life without the surgeries. Either way, she will be burying her baby.

By this point I’m in an absolute panic, worrying that we will have to be going through the same thing.

I put it out of my mind for a while and tried to put on a brave face for my parents. I didn’t really want to have to deal with it. I just didn’t. Nathan naturally had to Google it and he came to dinner saying, oh it’s common for these things to show up on ultrasounds, but they normally don’t amount to anything after birth. And from what I’ve read, this can be found in 3-5% of all pregnancies.

I made it all of 24 hours before I had to Google it for myself. Turns out, it has absolutely NOTHING to do with his heart.

I never thought my world could crash any further. But it did.

It can be a marker for Down Syndrome.

Now I understood why the doctor asked me if I had had the prenatal screenings. I understood why she kept saying that pediatric cardiologists usually aren’t very concerned about these. I’m way under 35, I’m not at risk for Down Syndrome. Yet, there it is. In black and white.

Obviously, we will love G. whether he’s a happy normal healthy baby or a Down Syndrome baby. That’s not going to change for us. But it’s very disheartening to know that this is a possibility. And while it is a slim possibility (based on my age and the fact that the screenings were negative) it’s still there. I still have to deal with it. It’s definitely made me view things completely different.

It has given me a newfound respect for parents of special needs children. Knowing that I could be in their boat, it makes me realize that while I never considered having anything but a normal healthy baby, I can deal with anything. If G. does indeed end up being a Down Syndrome baby, bring it on. I’m ready. If he’s not, I’ll be extremely grateful.

It’s just amazing the amount of love that I feel for someone I’ve yet to meet. And no matter what happens, I can’t wait to be G.’s mommy.

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2012.1 REVIEW – The Venetian Betrayal by Steve Berry

The Venetian Betrayal
by Steve Berry

Copyright: 2007
Pages: 540
Rating: 4/5
Read: Jan. 1 – Jan. 7, 2012
Challenge: The Eclectic Reader 2012; Mystery & Suspense 2012; Off the Shelf 2012
Yearly Count: 1
Format: Print
Source: Personal Copy

Blurb: After narrowly escaping incineration in a devastating fire that consumes a Danish museum, Cotton Malone – former Justice Department agent turned rare-book dealer – learns from his friend, the beguiling adventurer Cassiopeia Vitt, that the blaze was neither an accident nor an isolated incident. As part of a campaign of arson intended to mask a far more diabolical design, buildings across Europe are being devoured by infernos of unnatural strength. Born from the ashes is a new Eastern European nation whose ruthless leader will soon draw Cotton into an intense geopolitical chess game against a shadowy cabal of power brokers. The prize lies buried with the mummified remains of Alexander the Great – in a tomb lost to the ages for more than two thousand years. Trekking from Denmark to Venice to Central Asia, Cotton and Cassiopeia are determined to solve an ancient puzzle whose solution could destroy or save millions of people – depending on who finds the lost tomb first.

Review: This is the third in the Cotton Malone series. I find this to be such a fun series! There’s always just enough history combined with incredible action, it just makes a great combination.

I felt in this book we really got a lot more insight into who Cassiopeia Vitt is. In the two previous books, she’s kind of been an enigma in my opinion. So it was really nice to learn more about Cassiopeia in a way that the readers hadn’t before.

As I stated above, I think what really draws me to these books is how there is some historical aspect to them. The first book dealt with Templars, the second involved the lost Library of Alexandria, and this book focused on Alexander the Great and where he was really buried. Having majored in history, these books really interest me. And there’s always non-stop action. I really do find it to be a perfect blend.

I have the next book in this series already on my shelf, I hope I get to it sooner rather than later. I would highly recommend this book and the series as a whole.

End of Year Wrap-Up, Reading Statistics

2011 … By the Numbers

Okay, so I know I’m incredibly late. But the holidays were insane around here for us and then we took off to Florida for our babymoon. Now that I’m home and have had a little time to rest up I’m ready to sit down and share with everyone what my reading looked like in 2011. In the years past I have just given you a bunch of different numbers. This year I’m going for a more pretty look, complete with graphs and charts! If it overwhelms you, I apologize now. I’m just trying something new out. So without further ado, drumroll please…..

In 2011, I completed 64 books. Overall, I am very pleased with that number. I had a whirlwind year complete with a trip to Alaska in May and a positive pregnancy test in September. As you will soon see, my reading dipped unbelievably after September … mid-October is when the nausea set in for me and reading was the last thing on my mind – then the holidays hit. Well, you all know how life works 🙂

I made a chart showing how my reading broke down month by month. As I stated above, I was doing really well until October 🙂 The green lines indicate the number of pages read, and if you look way at the bottom, just above the months, you can see the number of books read.

Of the 64 books I read, 61 were fiction and 3 were non-fiction. Not really all that pleased with that breakdown. I  need to read more non-fiction. I enjoy non-fiction, I love true crime and good history books. I just don’t read a lot of them any more because I’m usually looking for an escape. Maybe I can read a little more non-fiction in 2012. A girl can hope, right?

When I sat down and tried to look back over my reading list as a whole, I realized that I didn’t really read a lot of books that would make my top 10 list. I was a little disappointed by that.
So this year, I only have a Top 7 Favorite Reads list.

I started a new page on my blog for 2011. I was determined to track how many books came into my house throughout the year. Boy was I insane to do that. I am actually a little embarrassed at the number that did come in (197), especially when you compare that number to the number of books I actually managed to read for the year! Anyway, here’s a chart showing the breakdown of the books that came into my house in 2011:

Obviously, I went a little nuts in March and July. In March I posted a ton of books onto Paperbackswap and got a lot of Box-of-Books swap requests as a result. And I obviously have a control issue when it comes to pushing that “decline” button. In July I went to the library book sale and I had a big box swap come in from a friend on one of my Yahoo groups.

My next logical question was where on earth did these books come from? For this question, I created a pie chart:
Obviously most of my books came from Paperbackswap’s Box-of-Books feature. This really doesn’t surprise me at all. I know I’m addicted to that, but for $8 a year and postage I can swap unlimited without points. Can’t hardly beat that in my opinion. Plus the more you swap at a time the more you save on postage. It’s kind of a win-win situation for me! I honestly didn’t spend a whole lot on buying new books, I try to avoid bookstores as much as possible simply because I have no self-control. The amount of review books that I accepted in 2011 was way down. I became extremely selective. And I will be even more so in 2012 considering I’m probably not going to accept any review books – unless they are authors I have previously read and enjoyed.

Finally I’m going to finish with a quick by the numbers breakdown of how I rated my books, the page count breakdown and the publication year breakdown.

So there it is. That’s about all I have to share with everyone. I could have made a few more entries, but I think this adequately sums up my 2011 reading.

Now I’m off to read …. I only have about 150 more pages before I finish my first book of 2012!! Happy reading everyone!