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Monday Updates….

Well, for the first time in a few weeks I haven’t had any books come in. And trust me …. with 500+ books on my shelves, this is a very good thing! I’m acquiring faster than I will ever read!

Last week was absolutely nuts in my little corner of the world. On Wednesday, our local water supplier suffered a huge water main break at their plant. This is the plant that provides the water to the local towns, affecting about 175,000 people. We were put on alert to conserve as much water as possible because the original “quick fix” didn’t work. Relatively early on Thursday, our little town of Carterville ran completely out of water. Completely. Schools closed, restaurants closed, bars closed, beauty shops closed. Just about everything shut down. You can imagine what our Wal-Mart/Kroger/Target/gas stations looked like in order to get bottled water…. because there was ultimately no time-line on the fix. The water plant had to have a huge part brought down from Chicago (about 6 hours away) …. and I think it had to be made before it was shipped. Thankfully, my parents were not affected by this and we went and stayed Thursday night with them. By the time we got back home later in the evening on Friday we had enough water pressure to flush the toilets. But goodness it was not a fun couple of days at all. And I’m so thankful for all the people who worked tirelessly night and day to get that plant back up and running. I feel like the employees/contractors don’t get nearly enough thanks and praise for what they sometimes have to do in these situations.

Normally I would have taken this a lot more calmly than I did. I flat-out panicked. Why? Because we had our son’s birthday party reserved for Saturday in one of the neighboring towns at Pirate Pete’s (essentially a big arcade type place) and we had no idea whether or not he would get that party or if we would be stuck either rescheduling or scrambling to just host it at our house. It was an absolute nightmare! Luckily, the fix to the water plant was able to be successful with the water coming partially back online by late Friday evening and by Saturday Pirate Pete’s was able to be open for business. I was so relieved. A 6-year-old can’t comprehend why his birthday party can’t happen because of something like this. And he was able to have an absolutely wonderful birthday party! Our boy is so blessed with many wonderful friends (and their parents are great too!).

On Sunday we had tickets to the St. Louis Cardinals baseball game. I was exhausted from the previous few days that I sent my husband and Garrett with his parents. I didn’t feel like driving the nearly 3 hours (each way) to the game plus sitting at the game with a 3-year-old who probably wouldn’t want to sit there for an entire game…. so Katelyn and I had a very nice quiet day together at home. We were able to play outside on the new playset the kids got for their birthdays from my grandmother. And we watched more than our fair share of Sofia the First 🙂

We’ve got a fun-filled week coming up. Garrett has his baseball game on Tuesday evening. On Wednesday evening he has his kindergarten class’s end of the year picnic that his teacher is hosting (I just LOVE everything about our community!) Next weekend we’ll be hosting Garrett’s family birthday at our house. And I’m sure we’ll do something fun for Memorial Day too … he’s been invited to his best buddy Ryder’s grandparents house (just up the road from us) for some swimming on Sunday. And then it’ll be the last couple of days of school and we’re out for the summer. I can’t believe that my baby’s kindergarten year is almost over 😥 It has absolutely flown by! This summer I’ve chosen not to do daycare for him (he’ll do a few weeks of different camps), but I’m going to be working from home and utilizing the grandparents. So I’m really looking forward to some one-on-one time with him. I’m hoping for a fun-filled summer!

I got to watch some of the Royal Wedding. It was beautiful. I’m still not entirely sure about the match of Meghan Markle and Harry …. but he looked amazingly in love so that’s what matters! And I do love the fairytale of it all. I thought her dress was absolutely beautiful, but a little on the plain side … it needed a just a little more embellishment to it. But I did love her reception dress – that was gorgeous! Ahh gotta love a good fairytale 😀

Oh and one other little tidbit…. Nathan has formally accepted a new job offer. A little over three years ago he took a position within my family company to get us to be able to move back to the area. It wasn’t really an ideal fit for him and he really missed engineering (his chosen field), so when an opportunity popped up he applied, interviewed, and got the job. He starts that on June 1. We’re all very happy for him. Engineering jobs are few and far between in our area (it’s why we had to move in the first place) so we are thrilled that this has happened for him! Plus it’ll be nice to be going back to a normal schedule of Monday-Friday 8-4:30 …. which will be a really nice change after working Saturdays and odd hours, including super early and super late. The concrete business is not ideal for young families, he has missed out on quite a bit these last few years because of the crazy hours the concrete company sometimes has … like on Mother’s Day weekend this year when he literally had to work from 8;30pm Saturday night to 2am Sunday morning and then had to go back from 7am – 6pm Sunday … yeah  😦


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I joined a book club!

I have been on the hunt for an IRL book club for quite some time. I am a member of a Facebook book club group that meets locally. But they seem to just get together at local restaurants for drinks under the auspices of a book club. Which would be okay … if I clicked with the members better … or liked their book selections. 😦 The book club through my library meets one Thursday a month at noon, and I am always 45 minutes away on Thursdays for work. I apparently don’t live in a very literary area so those are my only options. And neither works for me.

So I’ve joined Modern Mrs. Darcy’s book club online. I had looked into joining this for quite some time, but didn’t really want to pay to belong. But I’ve recently cancelled both of my beauty box subscriptions, my meal planning subscription and my online workout subscription …. all of those were costing me $40 a month! MMD is only $10 a month … so I’m still coming out $30 ahead each month, lol.

I’ve just joined and I’m still getting used to the website. But I’m really liking what I’m seeing! Some of the book selections are not really my cup of tea, but for the most part they are. But I’m going to look at it as a way to expand my reading horizons! 😀 As if I need any more books to read! Eek!

And now I’m off to the library to pick up April’s selection!

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Sunday Thoughts

Another week has come and gone *sigh* And this upcoming week is going to be crazy insane for me. We leave on Friday for Spring Break in Florida! Yay!

So this week I have to …. pack for the four of us. Figure out if Katelyn has ANYTHING from late last season she can still wear – I don’t want the poor girl to swelter. I’m good on Garrett, since our old neighbors (they literally moved out last week 😥 ) gave me a ton of clothes for Garrett late last fall ranging in sizes from 4 to 6. Swim suits will probably have to be purchased for both kiddos. Oh and lets not even think about all the stuff that I have to wrap up at work before I can get out of town for a week. Ugh. Remind me why I thought this was going to be a good idea?!

We’re driving down. 15 hours in a car. With two children who 9 times out of 10 do not get along. Oh and my in-laws are coming with us (in a separate car). I’ve never been on vacation with my in-laws. And we’re going to put 6 people in a 2 bedroom condo. I’m likely to come back completely and totally insane. This whole thing started with it just being the four of us getting away by ourselves for the first time ever. And now the in-laws are coming. And don’t get me wrong, I love my in-laws, and I will be very thankful for their help on this trip …. but our condo is not big enough for all of us. Plus where we are going is relatively expensive …. and they are pretty cheap. It feels like it’s going to be a recipe for disaster. I went from really looking forward to this trip …. to not really wanting to go. Plus my grandma just spent a month down there (it’s her condo we’re borrowing) and she said that the traffic is absolutely insane because the snowbirds are still there in force. Ugh. And of course my in-laws are all about getting out and doing something every day all day. I just wanted to lay on the beach and in the condo. All day every day. Guess I’m not going to get that wish anymore….. I don’t want to go 😦

Ok, enough with the pity party.

Today the kids and I are meeting up with my parents for lunch. They’ve been out of town on vacation and then with us leaving for a week they wanted to see the kids before our trip. Later this afternoon Garrett has a play date at the park with an old daycare buddy. He’s apparently going to be moving to our town and will be going to school with Garrett in the fall – yay! It’s a sad situation as to the why, but I know Garrett will love having this friend around again!

Reading wise I’m hanging in there. I’ve got about 60 pages to go in my second George Washington book and I’m 40% into Baby Teeth. Holy moly is that book insane! I’m LOVING it! I got it from NetGalley when it was Read Now and I’m glad I didn’t let this one get away from me!

Upcoming this week, I’ve got a Mailbox Monday scheduled for tomorrow as well as a review scheduled for Thursday. Next week I will have a couple of things pre-scheduled so I’m not completely dark while I’m out of town. Plus I hope to be able to get some good reading done while on vacation 😀

That’s about all I’ve got for today. Have a good week, and wish me luck that I don’t go insane in the next two weeks between getting ready for vacation and the actual vacation itself 😀

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Monday Ramblings…..

Well, no Mailbox Monday post this week. Cause I went a whole entire week without bringing a single book in the house! YAY! [We won’t talk about the 3 books I just ordered on Paperbackswap 😉 … ]

Anywhoo …. we had a really good week last week. Very spur of the moment, on Tuesday, Nathan purchased tickets to go see Luke Bryan on Saturday night. I was in absolute shock that we could still get amazing seats. And I’ve been dying to see Luke Bryan for a while. It wasn’t necessarily Nathan’s cup of tea (but then again, neither was Avenged Sevenfold two weeks ago for me, ha!) but he wanted to do something special for me. So I really appreciated it.

Last week saw me and Garrett both at the doctor’s office. I had strep throat; Garrett had a stomach bug. Not fun for either one of us …. although he did get a kick out of mom getting a shot in the tush. I still don’t understand how on earth I went 31 years before ever getting strep throat and have now gotten it twice in the past two years …. when neither of my children have spread it to me. How does that even happen? Where am I getting it from?! Either way, amazingly enough, neither of the kiddos managed to get strep from me. So for that I am thankful.

I’m home today with Garrett who is out of school for President’s Day. Plus he has Friday off since that’s the incoming kindergarten registration and current kindergartners are off that day. So it will be a short work week for me! Woo! Just going to enjoy my time off with him this week!

Be on the lookout for my review of The Lucky Ones on Thursday. Have a great week 🙂


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Thinking Ahead….

…. to 2018! It seems insane to think that 2018 is so close, but it’s definitely right around the corner! Scary!

So I’ve been thinking more and more where I’d like to go with my reading in 2018. 2017 has been a great year for my reading in terms of quantity. I’ve read more this year than I have in the last few years. That’s great, I’m happy to see my numbers go up. As far as quality … I definitely read more than a few home runs … but also a great deal of duds! Can’t all be winners I guess…

So what do I want to focus on in 2018? Hm.

(1) – I need to rein in the book buying. I don’t spend a whole lot of money on books (I utilize the used book store/goodwill/library book sales a lot). But when I buy books, I buy like 10-15 at a time. Ugh! That needs to stop. I say this every year and I doubt it will stop …. but I feel like I need to reiterate it. Maybe one day it will stick?

(2) – Clear off my shelves. Really focus on getting some of those older books moved. Get them read or get them out. At this point my shelf space is at critical level. I’ve rearranged so many times and I still do not have room for everything. And to be honest, I could seriously not buy a single book for the next 4 years before I ran out of something to read. Oops?

(3) – Goodreads groups/challenges. So I am still in love with my Goodreads challenges. I’m not going to stop participating over there. However, I want to take a break from group challenges. I had a slight run-in with a group member that left a bad taste in my mouth and left me not contributing to the point total that week. I’m being vague because I don’t really want to complain too much, but it made me realize that I definitely do better on individual challenges. Besides … I’m really feeling the burnout on not knowing what book I’m going to be able to read until the callout happens. It’s taken away a lot of my reading spontaneity and I’m wanting that back.

(4) – Continue to work on backlists, but also get some new releases in there. 2017 really saw me focus on backlists. But it also made me realize that I need more new releases as well. I need to find a better balance …. maybe for every 3 backlist titles, read 1 new(ish) release?

(5) – I have been a member of Book of the Month for over a year now and I have only read 2 of the books I’ve gotten from there. Oops? So I need to work on getting those books read. I would like to try to read one book every month from BOTM. This can go hand-in-hand with my desire to read more new releases.

So those are my “goals” for 2018. Who knows how they’ll go, ha! The main point is to read and enjoy what I’m reading 🙂

How about you? Do you have any reading goals for next year?

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So … I haven’t had much to post this past week … sorry!

It’s been pretty quiet around here. Work, work and more work. Garrett had another progress report come home on Friday. He’s doing so well in kindergarten! I’m so proud of my little guy. Sometimes I look over at him and am just in awe of who he is and what he can do! It’s amazing to watch children grow up! One night last week he read almost an entire book to me! Proud momma moment right there! He definitely doesn’t give himself enough credit for what he’s capable of. Hopefully he gains more confidence in himself and his abilities.

Tomorrow we have to take Garrett back to the doctor. He’s still having a lot of trouble swallowing 😦 The scope we had done back in September with gastro showed nothing wrong. So now I want  an ENT to look at him. Maybe it’s more of a tonsil/adenoids issue since he definitely struggles more when he’s congested. We have to figure this out one way or another – he’s gotten sent home from school twice now because he threw up at school at lunch. A total of four missed days because of his swallowing issue….

He’s also been monitored by a growth stature clinic because of his size for the last year. He’s now been listed as failure to thrive! I’m just flabbergasted by that. He’s not failing to thrive … he’s thriving just fine. Sure he’s a small guy, very little by 5 year old standards, but he’s for sure thriving. He’s most definitely the smallest kid in his class (and his best friend is the tallest – they’re a pair to see!) But he’s happy and healthy. Plus according to his teacher last month, he’s at the head of the class academically! I’m tired of doctors and hospitals and pokes and prods. It’s time to leave my kid alone and let him be a kid. What pisses me off is that he’s always been small, he’s always been in the 1-2 percentile. Well now he’s in the 10th percentile for height and 25th for weight …. but that doesn’t seem to account for anything?! Don’t give me that failure to thrive bullshit.

They did a bone scan of his hand to check his bone age to see if he’s potentially just going to be a late bloomer.  They keep talking about genetic testing and potentially doing growth hormones. We have made the decision not to go down that route. I’m not pumping by child full of hormones that will do god knows what to him in the future just to potentially get him an additional 1-3 inches. (And let’s not even talk about the cost …. one estimate I saw said that one inch will cost you approximately $52,000…) The risks don’t outweigh the benefits to me in our situation. If he ends up being 5’4″ (which is where he’s being projected now…) then so be it. He’ll just be a small guy. He’s healthy and happy. That’s enough for me.

Can you tell that I’m at the end of my rope with all this junk with doctors and my son? I honestly feel like they want there to be something wrong with him. They want him to have some rare genetic disorder causing his slow growth. I’ve heard nothing but criticism about his size for his entire life (he was born small, 5lb 14oz at 39 weeks). I’m so over it. It’s time to move on and figure out his swallowing issue. Maybe if he could eat better he’d grow better … there’s an idea! Even though the endocrinologist we saw last week told us that his small stature had nothing to do with his eating habits. Whatever. It’s still a pain in the ass to deal with a kid that throws up and can’t swallow because he says food won’t go down his throat. Something’s wrong, that’s not normal – to me that’s a more important issue than any stupid genetic test could show. I never should have opened up this can of worms, it boils my blood every time I think about this whole issue.

Moving on….

Garrett has some sort of a Thanksgiving performance on Tuesday – he says he’s a pilgrim and his line is “bang bang”. I’ll be curious to see how that goes! He’s best friend is going to be a turkey. This is sure to be a cute performance!!

I can’t believe it’s almost Thanksgiving. Christmas will be right around the corner. And my Christmas shopping is almost all done! Talk about being on the ball this year! Ha! Well I think that’s all I’ve got for this quiet Sunday morning. I’m going to a painting event later today with some girlfriends. Going to be painting a snowman door hanger! I’m looking forward to that.

I sure hope you’ll stop back by on Tuesday for my blog tour stop for Deborah Crombie’s Garden of Lamentations!

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I’m back!!!

I hope, lol!

This year has been really wonky for my blogging mojo. I have been reading … as of this writing I’ve finished 57 books for the year, with most of November and all of December remaining … last year I only managed 53. But real life has intervened more than once.

Katelyn had to have tubes put in her ears in April. My grandmother was sick in June/July with a pretty serious cancer scare – she was extremely lucky only a surgery was required. In August Garrett started kindergarten 😥 In August and September Nathan had carpal tunnel surgery done on both hands. In September we finally had Garrett’s scope on his throat (with negative results of anything being wrong …. so we still don’t know what causes his swallowing issues) And the medical bills, tubes – carpal tunnel – scope … ugh! We have “good” insurance, but good lord we’ve been drowning in medical bills. Plus Garrett did t-ball in the spring/summer and flag football in the fall, so we spent 2-3 times a week out on a field. It’s been crazy around here!

So it’s been a crazy busy and somewhat rough year. It’s just been one thing after another. And so the blog fell by the wayside. It juts wasn’t a priority with everything else going on. Somehow though I managed to keep reading – I think that was my escape as to how I dealt with a lot of the stress I was under.

Hopefully though we’re past the rough part, lol. One can hope at least! And I can get my schedule back on track and get back to the blog. I’ve missed ya’ll. I know I’ve been posting those mini reviews so I was at least keeping a teeny tiny presence here. But not what I would like.

So here’s to hoping I can get back on track here and start producing some good quality stuff for the blog again.

Until next time…

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Not a happy Lady Gaga fan….

So this is wayyyy off topic of my normal book posts. But I’m pissed. Beyond pissed.

I have enjoyed Lady Gaga’s music for years. I’m not a die-hard fan, but I’ve always wanted to see her in concert. She has to put on an awesome show! So I was really excited to see that she was coming to St. Louis when her tour was announced. Yeah, it’s through the week but I had my childcare lined out and was ready to buy me some tickets!

I even pre-ordered her new CD to get a presale code for the tickets. I figured that would be a good use of $17 …. I’d get her CD and a leg up to grab some good tickets!

I’m waiting patiently for 10am to roll around yesterday. At 10:00am on the frigging dot I log into Ticketmaster and put in my presale code. It “unlocks” and I click the search button …. for the site to essentially crash all to hell around me. For 35 minutes it was essentially inoperable … I watched that stupid ticket fill up and down in blue for 35 minutes. No joke. By the time it finally came back up and gave me the “best available” seats … they were shit. Absolute shit. And $300 for 2. For shit tickets? Hell to the no.

I was pissed. I was depressed. I was almost to the point of crying. Because I *knew* scalpers had been at work. The tickets were already being listed on the secondary market sites. And there I was stuck with the option of buying a good seat for triple its value on the secondary market or a shitty seat that I didn’t want for the face value. I chose to walk away.

I have used secondary market before. That’s how I was able to see Adele. And I paid out the nose for those tickets. And I said I would never do that again. Adele didn’t get that money out of me. Some random Joe with an awesome computer program got my money. And it left a nasty taste in my mouth.

Then tonight my sister-in-law asks me if I bought Lady Gaga tickets. I told her about the drama filled morning I had yesterday. And she proceeded to tell me that she wasn’t surprised … she had a friend on Facebook posting a presale code to all her friends. WHAT THE EFF? THAT is the type of person that ruins it for someone like me. Someone who tried to do things the honest way. I gave Lady Gaga my money for her music … in return I got a personalized presale code to be able to have the leg up on everyone else and be able to see her in concert. And yet there’s random people on Facebook posting presale codes? This is everything that is wrong with this industry. Seriously. All it does is make it impossible for average people to see the concerts they want. But come on, at some point enough is enough.

And I feel like it’s finally going to start going that way…. on Tuesday I bought Metallica tickets for my husband in June. Spent $250 a ticket for some “enhanced experience” tickets. To get everything all settled up and printed out to find out that MY credit card and MY id had to be presented to use these tickets. I wasn’t even planning on going to that show – the other ticket was intended for my brother-in-law! But I’m going … because I couldn’t figure out how to get them to change the name on the tickets to reflect my husband’s name. (My sister-in-law ended up buying two tickets for her and my BIL, so now we’re all going…) But the point of this is that using credit card/ID entry is how this industry is going to have to stop these scalpers. I was reading somewhere a while back that Eric Church had actually voided a bunch of tickets to his shows because he had found out that they were being resold at unbelievable amounts. YES for him! Thank you!

Because at the end of the day I wanted to see Lady Gaga in concert. And now I don’t get to. Because people can’t be honest and truthful and do things the proper way. And I’m not going to give some scalper my money. Lady Gaga deserves that money. But now she’s not going to get it either… and I don’t get to see her concert. I’m still peeved about the whole situation 😦

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I haven’t disappeared completely….

….but I definitely haven’t been around lately. And I also haven’t been on Twitter. I’ve been spending all my free time on Goodreads. I am so addicted to the gazillions of reading challenges found in various groups on that site. It’s really pitiful actually… I guess there could be worse vices though 🙂

I’m still trying to figure out where this blog will take me next year. I’m really on the fence. I don’t have a lot of desire to blog anymore. My reviews all seem generic. Even after I read a really awesome book that left me with all the feels I couldn’t even sit down and type them out for a post. I don’t know….

I intend to get together a “best of” post before the end of the year …. hopefully! I’ve got a pretty good idea of my Top 10 reads for the year. It’s just a matter of putting together the post.

I am still reading. And I’ve read 52 books this year …. and I think I may be able to squeeze one more in. Regardless, 2016 has been my best reading year in terms of number of books read since 2011 – the pre-children era. It also helps that I’m no longer at home with a baby all the time. I have a lot of down time at work that I can fill in with reading. So that’s why my numbers really went up this year. So I’m definitely looking forward to where 2017 takes me reading wise.

Stay tuned 🙂

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A Day in the Life: Take 2


Last year I participated in this event hosted by Trish. You can find that post here.  I knew that this year’s post would be much different for me – since we’ve added Katelyn to our family 🙂 Anyway, I recorded March 15, 2016. Here goes…

1:21am – Katelyn wakes …. gooooood morning. *Groan* Go in, give her a paci and tell her good night.
1:31am – She’s still crying. Go back in, put her paci back in her mouth and tell her goodnight. Again.
1:39am – she *finally* settles back in.

To be completely honest, my kids are rockstar sleepers. Garrett slept through the night at 8 weeks; Katelyn at 6 weeks (I give you permission to hate me now). But one word with Katelyn right now: teething. It has been affecting everything lately. Last round she got 4 teeth at once (that sucked) and now I suspect she’s got 2 more coming in – hence the poor sleeping – womp womp 😦

Katelyn6:25am – Katelyn up. This is normal wake up time. I get up and get dressed. Make a bottle, dress and feed Katelyn.

7:06am – today is election day in Illinois. So I’m out the door to go vote. I didn’t really want to take the kids with me, so I left Nathan at home with them while I ran real quick – we live super close to the polling place.

7:30am – back home. Nathan goes to work.


G&T7:32am – Find Garrett in our bed. I put our morning Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the TV.

7:45am – Diaper bag packed. Social media checked. Bullet journaled a few things.

8:20am – finally pulling out of the driveway. It was not a smooth exit from the house. Garrett balked at getting dressed and going to school. Then the garage door didn’t want to go down. So we’re about 20 minutes later than we normally are leaving the house. Boy it’s a good thing my job hours are extremely flexible – I’m never on time anywhere anymore.

G8:38am – drop off at Garrett’s school done – and it went smoothly. Sometimes he walks right in like he owns the place. Other times he clings on to me for dear life. I never know which day I’m going to get. It’s really frustrating. He claims it’s because his buddy Liam is not there when he gets dropped off – I’m terrified to know what’s going to happen next year when he moves up to Pre-K and Liam doesn’t because he won’t make the age cut off ..

9:22am – Katelyn dropped off at my grandma’s house. It sure will be nice when they both go to the same daycare and I only have one drop off location … at least for one year, because then Garrett will start kindergarten and I’ll be back to two drop offs.

9:28am – at work.
9:47am – no really, I will work today (PUT THE PHONE AWAY TARA!!!)

11:45am – go get lunch and take it to my grandma’s.
1:00pm – back at work.

4:00pm – back to my grandma’s to get Katelyn. Drive back to Marion.
4:45pm – pick up Garrett.
G&T&K5:00pm – home.
5:40pm – Nathan home.
6:15pm – dinner time – fettuccine alfredo tonight – this is one of Garrett’s favorites! He even asked for a second helping tonight (YES!!)


Bath time last night...7:00pm – bath time. We decided to change things up tonight and put both kids in the bath together. It didn’t go over very well and probably won’t happen on a regular basis. Garrett loves the bath and is like a fish. Katelyn hates the bath and doesn’t want to be splashed or messed with by Garrett.

8:00pm – Katelyn bottle and bed.
8:29pm – Katelyn asleep … let’s hope that’s for the night!

8:34pm – coaxing Garrett into one Mickey Mouse Clubhouse before bed. (I’m ashamed to admit that after being very strict with screen time for Garrett his first two years of life we have done a complete 360 and now don’t restrict it at all. I know I should. But I just can’t seem to make myself do it … it’s out of hand. Judge me if you want, I’m beyond caring. )

9:13pm – three books read to Garrett and he’s tucked in for the night. He’s really a hoot because he wants three books read to him every single night since he’s three years old. Thank goodness none of his books are very long. But I’m not looking forward to this trend continuing when he’s 4, 5, 6,7…etc. I’m very happy that he loves books though 🙂 Oh and this is an excellent night for bedtime … if Garrett is in bed by 9:30 I consider it a success. Stubborn little night owl!

9:15-10:45pm – Read. Watch news. Check social media. Then lights out.


Just another boring old day in my life. Nothing much ever changes. Nothing much ever happens. But it’s a pretty good life we have. Thanks for reading and I can’t wait to read your day in the life 🙂