Miscellaneous Ramblings

Monday Ramblings…..

Well, no Mailbox Monday post this week. Cause I went a whole entire week without bringing a single book in the house! YAY! [We won’t talk about the 3 books I just ordered on Paperbackswap ๐Ÿ˜‰ … ]

Anywhoo …. we had a really good week last week. Very spur of the moment, on Tuesday, Nathan purchased tickets to go see Luke Bryan on Saturday night. I was in absolute shock that we could still get amazing seats. And I’ve been dying to see Luke Bryan for a while. It wasn’t necessarily Nathan’s cup of tea (but then again, neither was Avenged Sevenfold two weeks ago for me, ha!) but he wanted to do something special for me. So I really appreciated it.

Last week saw me and Garrett both at the doctor’s office. I had strep throat; Garrett had a stomach bug. Not fun for either one of us …. although he did get a kick out of mom getting a shot in the tush. I still don’t understand how on earth I went 31 years before ever getting strep throat and have now gotten it twice in the past two years …. when neither of my children have spread it to me. How does that even happen? Where am I getting it from?! Either way, amazingly enough, neither of the kiddos managed to get strep from me. So for that I am thankful.

I’m home today with Garrett who is out of school for President’s Day. Plus he has Friday off since that’s the incoming kindergarten registration and current kindergartners are off that day. So it will be a short work week for me! Woo! Just going to enjoy my time off with him this week!

Be on the lookout for my review ofย The Lucky Ones on Thursday. Have a great week ๐Ÿ™‚


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