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A little irritated

I will apologize in advance to my readers who want strictly book reviews. This blog will no longer fit that bill. I’m not trying to make this a mommy blog, but this is now a big part of my life and will be reflected as such on my blog. I hope I don’t lose readers due to this. And if I do, it’s your loss.

So what am I so irritated about now? WORK!

Here’s the deal: I work as a bookkeeper for my dad’s concrete company. My work is not hard, it’s repetitive and time consuming.

Because of my OCD when it comes to my job I elected not to take advantage of their offer to get a temporary worker to do my receivables while I’m on maternity leave. Instead I chose to get a work laptop and do all the receivables work from home. This is working out quite well for me. It gives me something to keep me a little sane.

However the rest of my work (payables, quarterlies, payroll, transactions, trial balances, bank reconciliations, etc) I was told not to worry about. That the other two bookkeepers would be able to take care of that while I’m off. Okay. Great. Right? Wrong!

My payroll has already been messed up every time it’s been done since my last day. The first three weeks they used the wrong EFTPS password to call in the taxes! And then yesterday … They forgot to do payroll completely!!! Seriously!

The payables have been a disaster as well. We do those on the 10th of the month (or as close to it as possible). The health insurance bill is due by the 15th or they could charge us late fees. As of yesterday they hadn’t gotten the insurance check written. So it’s now going to be late. And that’s not really the bill you want to be late either.

In the midst of all this one of the people covering for me is in the middle of building a house. This is only about the 5th house she’s built in the last 10 years, and that is not an exaggeration. And the other person just doesn’t care at all about his job and making sure everything is done. And it’s not as of they didn’t both know that they were going to have to cover for me. They had plenty of time to be prepared, I was pregnant for 9 months for goodness sake, it’s not as if me being off came out of the blue!

And then yesterday one of my co-workers (the one building the house) actually had the gall to ask me when I would be coming back to work. My baby is 2 weeks old for goodness sake! I think it might be a few more weeks. I was planning on going back in August but they both seem to think that I need to be back by July 10th. Um, not happening.

So you can see why I am not a very happy camper right now. To be completely honest, if my husbands work offered better health insurance I would quit my job and be a stay at home mom. We could afford it, it’s just the insurance situation for us.

I’ve tried talking to my dad about this. But he’s clueless. He seems to think I can come back by the 10th of July as well. He knows what a mess things are at work and he just wants me back do that everything will be done correctly and on time again.

But I need this time off. I need to bond with Garrett as much as possible. He needs me right now more than ever. I’m not being selfish, I’m trying to be the best mother I can be. And my child is going to trump everything else in my life.

I actually was in tears on the phone wot my husband during his lunch break over this. It’s got me that upset. It’s as if no one understands how important this time is for me and my son. And they just don’t care. Work is important, but my baby comes first.

And I’m tired of being made to feel guilty that not only did I have a child but that his birth just happened to occur during our most busy season. I can’t help the way things worked out. And I won’t be rushed either.

I just wish people had a little more respect. That’s all.