Miscellaneous Ramblings

I’ve been lucky!

Wow, have I been lucky here lately. I’ve managed to snag two free copies of books that have sounded really great to me. Plus I got approved for another book on Netgalley that has me SUPER excited!

So I bet I’ve got you curious now.

First I snagged a copy of “Fireproof” by Alex Kava from LibraryThing.

Then I got approved For “The Lincoln Conspiracy” by Timothy O’Brien on NetGalley.

And this morning I got notification that I had won a copy of  “The Secrets of the FBI” by Ronald Kessler through Goodreads!

PLUS I’m #2 in line on my library wish list for “Gone Girl”.

I’m a lucky gal who is going to have some exciting reading ahead of me! Hooray!