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Discussion: What do you do…

What do you do when you cannot finish a review book that you have requested?

I honestly have never had this problem before in my time blogging. Sure, I’ve set aside books that I didn’t like – but they were always my own books. This is the first time that I have not been able to get through a review book. This is why I am so particular about what books I accept for review – I only pick books that I KNOW I will enjoy.

I’m conflicted as to what to do. It’s a book that I requested on NetGalley. I waited patiently and got approved just a couple of days before they archived it. I was super duper excited about it – I knew for sure it was a book I would love.

But the problem is that I got 30 pages into it. And I cannot make myself go any farther. I even set it aside for a couple of days and started reading something else in the hopes that maybe it just wasn’t the right time for this particular book. So when I picked my Nook back up I tried to get back into it … and couldn’t.

I don’t want this to reflect poorly on my NetGalley account. I don’t want this publisher to never want to approve me for another book. Yet I don’t quite know what to do.

So I’m asking my readers: how do you handle a situation like this? Do you ignore the “send feedback” feature or do you send something through along the lines of “sorry, this book wasn’t for me and I’m taking a pass on a review”??

I look forward to seeing what you recommend 🙂