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2013 DNF #1: Silent Partner by Jonathan Kellerman

Silent Partner
by Jonathan Kellerman

Copyright: 1989
Pages: 484
Format: Print

Blurb: At a party for a controversial Los Angeles sex therapist, Alex Delaware encounters a face from his own past – Sharon Ransom, an exquisite, alluring lover who left him abruptly more than a decade earlier. Sharon now hints that she desperately needs help, but Alex evades her. The next day she is dead, an apparent suicide.

Driven by guilt and sadness, Alex plunges into the maze of Sharon’s life – a journey that will take him through the pleasure palaces of California’s ultrarich, into the alleyways of the mind, where childhood terrors still hold sway.

Here’s the deal – I got 180 pages into this book and just couldn’t make myself go any further. I knew there was sex therapy involved based on the blurb, but I had no idea just how detailed things would get. I’m not easily offended by sex in books, but this one was just a little too much in my opinion. I kept waiting and waiting, trying to figure out where the book would go, but I eventually realized that there would be no way I would even want to write a review if I pushed through to the end and that it wasn’t really worth it to continue reading a book I wasn’t in to. There are plenty of other books on my shelves, plenty other Alex Delaware books. I’m just going to let this one go.

Have any of you ever read this book? What was your opinion of it?