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GIVEAWAY: The Dark Pool by J.E. Fishman

I am excited to announce that Katie from Shelton Interactive is giving me the opportunity to give away one copy of The Dark Pool by J.E. Fishman. Here’s the blurb:

THE DARK POOL is a financial thriller based off of Fishman’s time spent living among some of Wall Street’s top players, and seeing how their pursuit of self-interest nearly wrecked the nation.

THE DARK POOL follows Bronx high school football coach Shoog Clay and his star player, Antwon Meeps. When strange and tragic things start happening around them – events out of their control – they discover the source is a secret marketplace where investors bet on the coach’s marketing prospects (his Q Score). Those who are bullish on Clay want him to succeed, no matter who gets hurt. Those who are bearish on him will stop at nothing to see him fail – even if it means killing him.

I will be reviewing this book in the future as well, so I hope you return to check out my review when I post it.

Fine print: This is an international giveaway (!) and has one (1) book available. The sign-ups will close on March 3rd at 7pm central time. When you fill out the form, your information goes into a spreadsheet. Your place in the giveaway will be assigned a number – when the sign-ups close, I will use your assigned number and to select a winner. As always, your information will be kept between me and Katie at Shelton Interactive and the form will be deleted upon the selection of the winner. Good luck 🙂

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