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Giveaway Winners

No – I didn’t forget all you guys. Life just got in the way and I hadn’t turned on the computer in a few days.

So, picked out the winners. ANNNNND stupid me forgot to include a place on the form for you email address. SO, I have no way of contacting any of the winners 😦 I *hope hope hope* they’re followers and will see this post come through and will contact me ASAP – tara (at) talesofabookaddict (dot) com.

So, the winners are:

Lauren Guilbeau

Tina Kohrman

Shelly Hammond

Carrie Rundhaug

Lauren was the first winner chosen, so she will get first choice of the books and I will go down the list from there. If I don’t here back from any of these winners within 24 hours, I will move everyone up a spot (meaning Tina would be first winner and so on) and choose another.

Thanks everyone for participating and sorry for the inconvenience to the winners.