First chapter, Meme

First Chapter, First Paragraph Tuesday Intros #10


Diane over at Bibliophile by the Sea hosts this meme.

A Man of Indeterminate Means

Today I’m featuring a review book that I am currently reading – A Man of Indeterminate Value by Ron Felber

The Yellow cab slipped into a parking spot opposite St. Damian’s monastery on Martin Luther King Boulevard in Newark’s Central Ward. I felt remarkably well for a man who’d just been shot. “Hey, mister, you gonna be all right? You don’t look too good,” the Puerto Rican driver said. “Here,” I answered slipping him two $100s for the $60 fare, “you stick to driving. You never saw me.” “Si, senor, no veo nada,” he swore as I crossed the street holding my right hand over the crimson circle of blood expanding on my Tailored Image white shirt, from my left bicep, just above the heart. In my left hand, I clung to a leather briefcase filled with drugs, booze, even some papers.

I just started reading this last night and only got about 20 pages into it, but it’s definitely caught my interest so far!


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