End of Year Wrap-Up

2014 Wrap-Up: My Top Reads

Here we are once again at the end of another year … where does the time go anymore? I blink and another year has passed! Guess that’s what happens when you get older….

Anyway, I find it harder and harder each year to put together a list of my “top reads.” I don’t waste my time on books I hate. Some are obviously better than others, but I read so many good books every year, it’s really hard to come up with this list year after year.

As a general rule, I can tell throughout the year what books will make this list. I have to admit, that there are only a few of these that I can say I *knew* would make this list immediately after finishing them.

So without further ado … here’s my top reads of 2014:

(Alphabetically by author … clicking on image will take you to my review)

One KickKilling FloorFather of FearA Time to KillPrecious ThingLITTLE GIRL LOST_cover imageThe Weight of BloodIf I Can't Have YouThe AccidentEyes of Prey


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