Monthly Wrap Up

September 2018 Wrap Up

Well, I’m super late getting this wrap up posted … sorry about that! The month of October started out with Garrett coming down with a fever and some congestion and then before you know it … I managed to come down with it too. I’m still fighting the congestion, but at least I feel like powering on my computer today, so I suppose I’m somewhat on the mend. Anywhoo… on to book stuff.

I was able to read 6 books in the month of September. While not my best, still an awesome month with some really great books! Here’s what I read (clicking on the images will take you to my review):

Dark HarborGeorge Washington and the New NationThe FirmG is for GumshoeOne Perfect LieUntil Proven Guilty

My favorite book this month is probably One Perfect Lie. It starts out with a bang and didn’t let up until the very end for me! I thoroughly enjoyed it!! I don’t think I really had a disappointing book this month, they were all pretty good!

To briefly recap what other bookish goodies posted on the blog:

As I stated in my August update, I was signed up for my first 5K the first week of September. I was super nervous about it, but I finished and I’m stoked that I finished it! (And I wasn’t last!!) It was not the greatest conditions, it was a night run … and it poured down rain on us. But I had a really awesome time! I ran it with a co-worker who runs marathons (I told him he didn’t have to stay with me, he could run on… but he insisted on going at my pace … which is a snail’s, lol) and my sister-in-law (who did run on her own ahead of us). My SIL actually won 2nd place in her age group! So she did great! All in all it was a really good time and I definitely enjoyed it. I don’t think I’ll make it a really big habit of doing structured 5Ks, but I’ve incorporated one “long run” aka 3.10 mile run every week in my routine. Good times for sure! I’m never going to be a marathon runner (and I really don’t want to…), but I do enjoy being a recreational runner!

Let’s see, what else. Katelyn started pre-school this month. I’m still in denial that my baby will be in kindergarten in two short years … it’s not possible! But then I remember that I get to sleep a full night’s sleep and I no longer have to buy diapers and that pretty well takes care of any desire of another baby 😀

Some other crappy family stuff happened at the end of the month. More stupid drama. It’s almost to the point of ridiculousness. I’m so over it. I am a grown ass woman, I do not need the drama that a certain family member makes. It’s stupid and I’m tired of it. She’s upset with my husband and yet she took it out on me! Please. Be an adult and go to the person your “issue” is with … oh, wait! That would be too grown up for you to do, so that’s not likely to happen. Ridiculous. Especially if she actually thought I would take her side over my husbands… which I would if the circumstances warranted it, but this most certainly did not. Stupid, childish petty bullshit that I don’t have time for anymore. It’s actually been kind of nice not to have to listen to her complaints in over a week. I’m kind of starting to realize how all-consuming her problems were becoming to ME because I was having to listen to it. ::end rant::.

Anyway … not that you guys cared about any of that, but it sure felt good to get it off my chest. (She doesn’t know about this blog, so I feel free to briefly mention it). So, I think that’s about it. I’ve got a couple of reviews coming in the upcoming week, so I sure hope you’ll stop back by for those. Until next time…

Happy reading!!