Monthly Wrap Up

February 2019 Wrap Up

Well, February ended up being a slightly better reading month than January did (who on earth starts a brand new year in a reading slump?! UGH!) Here’s what I read in February:

Meet Me at the MuseumBack to School MurderJohn AdamsEleven on TopBefore She Knew Him

So there’s a visual of my books read in February. Meet Me at the Museum was the February selection for the Modern Mrs. Darcy book club – it is an epistolary novel, and way outside my comfort zone, but it somewhat surprised me. I can’t say that I loved it, but I finished it and while not necessarily my cup of tea it was a well-written book. I finally got my way through John Adams. Whew. That was a chunky book, and while extremely well-written the writing style was not necessarily what I was looking for at the time. My favorite this month, hands down, was definitely Before She Knew Him. Be on the lookout for my review of that one this upcoming Thursday!

Here’s what you may have missed last month:

Let’s see … on the personal side of things. Hm. We were able to see two movies in the theater this month, Aquaman and Glass. Both were good in their own way. As far as Aquaman is concerned, it was a decent adventure movie – but while I can appreciate that Jason Mamoa is a good-looking guy, I’m not sure I understand the hype about him right now. All my mom friends are obsessed. Glass was a good movie, but a little confusing to me at times. I never saw the two movies before it in the “trilogy” so that may have impacted my overall thoughts on the movie. My weekly running partner and I have signed up for a 5K on St. Patrick’s Day. Eek. I’m not really “ready” Ok, I can’t really say that. We’ve been running every week together and I’m consistently doing 3.5-4 miles with her every Sunday, but the whole idea of a “race” is getting into my head again. But it benefits the American Cancer Society, and all finishers get a really cool medal that is also a bottle opener (hey – I’m all about the race swag!). I don’t really know what else to mention here. So I suppose until next month –

Happy reading!