Family Vacation, September 2015

Well, we’ve been home from vacation for far too long (boo!). But when we first got back I had to jump straight into my insane time at work. Then I came down with a cold (which I’m still nursing….this thing will never end) and I didn’t feel like getting on the computer much. But now it’s time to sit down and “document” our vacation.

It had been over a year since we had a vacation and 3 years since our last “big” vacation (Hawaii in 2012). And it was our first big family vacation for Garrett. He had been to Florida once to spend a few days at my grandmother’s condo down there, but this was on a whole different scale for him. We were a little more than nervous because this was also the first time that Nathan and I had taken Garrett on vacation by ourselves. We usually had other family members accompany us to help us. And we were leaving the country with him – we figured we were either incredibly brave or incredibly stupid! Ha! But really, things turned out pretty well so it wasn’t that bad. Poor Katelyn had to stay home with the grandparents, she was not old enough to go on the cruise with us and we didn’t really want to wait for her to be old enough, we needed the break ASAP. It was also the first time I had been away from her overnight, it was a little difficult but it all worked out 🙂

Now, on to the trip. We flew out of St.Louis down to Ft. Lauderdale the night before our cruise was to leave. We were booked for an 8 night cruise on the Carnival Conquest visiting St. Maarten, St. Thomas, Antigua and Nassau.

IMG_0126Carnival is not usually our first go-to cruise line, but I really fell in love with the itinerary, plus the price was good. That being said, we were actually pretty happy with our experience on Carnival this time around. The Conquest is a nice ship, but it is showing its age in a few spots and could definitely use a little bit of a refresher in the near future. But the crew really made this cruise exceptional, I was extremely pleased with the service we received throughout the trip.

First sea daysWe started our cruise with two full days at sea. When I was a kid I used to love days at sea because it meant I could spend most of my time with the other kids in the kids club. Garrett wasn’t too impressed with the kids club. He went 4 nights for about 2 hours each, so we did get some free time to ourselves, but not as much as we had hoped for. I hope by the time we go on our next cruise he will enjoy the kids club much more. So the first two days at sea were spent with some time at the pool and a really cool Cat in the Hat parade/story time! Garrett loved seeing the Cat in the Hat!!

Butterfly FarmOur first stop was St. Maarten. We chose to do an excursion to the Butterfly Farm. We obviously had to choose kid-friendly excursions, and while this would not have been something we would have chosen if we were cruising child-less, we really enjoyed our time at the Butterfly Farm. Garrett was a little leery at first, but he soon warmed up to the place and really enjoyed seeing the different colors on the butterflies. Overall, St. Maarten was just an okay place in my opinion, they never really recovered from the terrible hurricane 20 years ago, and the French side is having some issues with really high property taxes, so St. Maarten was not exactly as nice as I had come to imagine it (my parents went shortly before the hurricane hit and have raved about the island all these years – so I had really high hopes). But we did enjoy being there for a day trip.

AntiguaNext up was Antigua. We just planned a simple beach day. The last time Garrett had been to the beach he was about 18 months old. He was not impressed at that point, so we really didn’t know how he would respond. He’s quite particular about his hands being clean, so I didn’t figure he would be all that interested in digging around in the sand (he gets that little “quirk” from me – and I hate sand, the darned stuff gets everywhere.) But he ended up really loving it. Him and Nathan had to build the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse sand castle, ha! Nathan was mad at me that I didn’t pack his shovel and pail for the beach, but we just didn’t have the room!

St ThomasSt. Thomas was our third stop. Once again we chose a simple beach day. But this beach was absolutely gorgeous! We were at Magen’s Bay. Just such a beautiful place!! The trip there was a little crazy, quite hilly and such, but the views were stunning. I would highly recommend everyone to check this beach out if you’re ever in St. Thomas. Also, St. Thomas is definitely an island that Nathan and I would love to go back and stay like a week at sometime in the future – we enjoyed it that much!

Green Eggs and HamThen we had one last day at sea. This was the day Garrett loved the most. We got to do the Cat in the Hat breakfast! He was in heaven! This was also where my camera died (I had a second battery … back in the cabin!) so I only got a few shots here. I couldn’t believe it, but he even ate the Green Eggs and Ham. He’s a pretty picky eater, so I didn’t really know how he would take to the eggs being green, but he didn’t even notice! He was just too enthralled with everything going on around him to even notice, probably! It was a really cute thing the ship put together for the passengers. Nathan and I even enjoyed it!

NassauOur final port was Nassau. Nathan and I had been to Nassau once before on a cruise, and we had a lot of trouble deciding which excursion to choose. We wanted to head out to the Atlantis Hotel, but we figured it probably wouldn’t be ideal for Garrett (he hasn’t had swim lessons yet), so instead we decided to do a city tour with a stop at the Ardastra Gardens. We figured we really couldn’t go wrong with a zoo stop for our animal-obsessed son!

We just had such a wonderful time. I can’t wait until Katelyn is older and we can go as a family of 4 – what a wonderful time we will have!!

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Being a parent can be tough…

… especially when your little one is sick and you don’t really know why. For those of you who follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you probably have some idea of what’s happened, but for those of you who don’t I wanted to pop in and post a little update.

Two weeks ago our sweet Katelyn started vomiting. And let me tell you, this went WAY beyond spitting up. This was forcefully splattering our faces, getting in our hair, drenching bath towels. Yuck. I didn’t know what had happened. My precious girl went from a happy not-at-all spitty baby to this vomit machine. In just a few days. It was ridiculous. We were both at our wits end not knowing what to do. I was afraid to even put her down because even when sound asleep she would open her mouth and formula would come back out! Without her ever waking up, I was afraid she would choke.

So I did what any parent would do after about 24 hours of her throwing up forcefully after every bottle (sometimes during a feeding while the nipple was still in her mouth!). I took her in to the doctor. Unfortunately, that first day I was only able to see a nurse practitioner. I didn’t care, I just wanted to get an opinion on what was going on with Katelyn. I knew something was wrong. Babies don’t just start randomly throwing up like this. It wasn’t normal. Her weight was fine. Her belly sounded normal. I was told it was “probably” reflux but to come back on Monday for a weight check (we went in on a Thursday).

After a very long weekend, Monday finally rolled around. I told my husband that I didn’t care what he had going on at work, I wanted him to come to the doctor with me. If I was going to have to make an ass of myself to get the help we needed for our daughter, I wanted him by my side. I knew this wasn’t reflux – we dealt with that with Garrett. This was something totally different and I was scared something was seriously wrong. Luckily we saw the doctor this time. And he immediately saw something different. He told us she had lost 4oz in 4 days, asked us a bunch of questions, felt around on her belly, and then calmly told us that he wanted us to go down the hall for an ultrasound, that he suspected something called pyloric stenosis. He also explained that if it was indeed pyloric stenosis then she would require surgery.

Wait, what?! Surgery?!? Yes, surgery. Our baby girl had to have surgery on the day she turned 1 month old. Very, very scary.

To explain, pyloric stenosis is, in the most simplest terms, when the muscle that connects the stomach and the small intestine gets too large to let food pass through for complete digestion. Since nothing or very little can pass through, the vomiting takes place. Dehydration and extreme lethargy can also occur. So the surgeon had to go in and cut through the muscle to make it where food can pass through again. So you know, this condition usually presents between 2 and 8 weeks of age. It is something that is seen in 3 out of 1000 babies. It is most common in males, especially first-borns. So for our girl to have it is even more rarer. It’s also hereditary… we’re still trying to figure out where it came from. In addition, now that she has had it her future children are 20% more likely to have it.

And while my daughter had to have surgery at 1 month old and will forever bear the scar on her belly, she is back to being her happy self. No more vomiting. Hardly even any spitting up. I can lay her down without fear that she will choke on vomit. It was scary for all of us. It was tremendously stressful. But our girl is happy and healthy again. I am just so relieved that what we went through was so easily fixed – a lot of parents and children don’t have it as easy as we did.

Think of this as a public service announcement. While you may never come across another parent dealing with pyloric stenosis … I want you to know to trust your parenting instincts. I was told my girl had reflux. I had my doubts. I knew it was something more serious than just plain old reflux. Don’t be afraid to get a second opinion. Trust your instincts … no one knows your baby better than you.

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Baby Book Addict #2!

On May 9, 2015 and 1:31pm, we welcomed our second child into the world. She was 7lb 15oz and 20″ long. Her birth story is just as quick as Garrett’s … but a lot more painful.

It was a Saturday morning. Thankfully it was Nathan’s Saturday off (he works every other). Him and Garrett had just gotten back from picking up McDonald’s for breakfast. I had already eaten before they both woke up, but Nathan brought me a hot chocolate. As we’re standing in our little entryway, he hands me my hot chocolate and all of a sudden I feel like I’m peeing myself. I calmly put my drink down on the table, told Nathan to go ahead and eat with Garrett because I needed to go to the bathroom.

When I got to the bathroom I had a feeling my water was breaking, but when it broke with Garrett it was all in a gush. This was just a trickle. But it kept trickling. So I did what any normal woman in labor would do, I  shaved my arm pits, considered washing my hair (decided against it because it takes too long to dry because it’s so long) and got dressed. By that time Nathan was in the bedroom asking if I was okay. I calmly looked at him and told him yes, but that we needed to get started on our way to the hospital.

At the beginning of my pregnancy, I knew that we would be moving mid-pregnancy. I also knew that I had two options … stay with the doctor that I love to pieces, who is now an hour from my house, or find a doctor who delivers at the hospital 20 minutes from my house. I chose to stick with my doctor. I knew we were facing an hour drive to the hospital. So I didn’t really want to waste too much time. We made it to the hospital parking garage in 45 minutes flat … I won’t tell you how fast my husband drove 🙂

After getting settled into my birthing room, and being checked out, I was already dilated to 4. Then the IV hell began. I have horrible, horrible veins. With Garrett it took 3 people to get an IV in me. With this pregnancy, it took 5 people and a total of 2 hours. It finally took the anesthesia guy being able to numb my vein to get it in place. Yeah,  fun. At that point my doctor came in and informed me that I could have the epidural at any point, but that my contractions were so irregular that she was afraid that taking it so early would possibly slow down the process. This terrified me. I only had 5 hours from my water breaking with Garrett until I was holding him in my arms. The last thing I wanted was a looooong labor. So I held off. Besides, the contractions weren’t painful at the point, just mild cramping every so often.

Big mistake.

Both of our parents were in the waiting room by this point, and they took turns coming back and visiting with me. My in-laws were in the room and my contractions were starting to come a little harder and more often. But still only uncomfortable. Luckily, they could pretty much tell that they were not the people who needed to be in the room at that point. They left and my mom came in. At this point the nurse came around and I told her I wanted the morphine and to get the fluids going to get the epidural process starting.

I got my morphine shot.

16 minutes later I was pushing my baby girl out.

Folks, 3.5 hours from the moment I walked into the hospital until I was holding my baby. One hour from the time my doctor told me my contractions weren’t consistent enough to be considered in labor until I had our daughter. Talk about a whirlwind.

No epidural. Only a morphine shot that really hadn’t kicked in. Talk about things not going according to plan. But you know what, she’s healthy. That’s all that matters. It’s true what people say … you really do forget about the pain the moment they are out of you.

So now, I am proud to introduce you to our daughter, Katelyn.



A Day in the Life ….



So Trish over at Love, Laughter, Insanity has shared with her readers what a day in her life looks like. She did one while she was still staying home with her youngest and then another one when she was settled back into her routine at work. Can I just gush about how much I adore this lady’s blog?! Anyway, apparently those two posts brought about the idea that she would host an event where bloggers would post a typical day in the life of themselves. I never jumped in on her Twitter conversations (I always feel like I’m butting in…), but I definitely seriously considered participating in this event. And here I am.

To set the background for you all. I am Tara. I turn 30 this year (not until July, but I’m already not taking it well…). I live in a small town in southern Illinois. I have been married to my high school sweetheart for almost 8 years. We have one son, who turns 3 in late May and we are expecting a daughter in mid-May. Oh and our anniversary is in May …. we obviously like the month of May, ha! My husband and I both work for my family company. He is a plant manager and I am a bookkeeper. It’s tough working in the same office as your spouse. Whew. But we are both very lucky to be involved in the family business. It also allows me to have great flexibility when it comes to our kids. Something that I am very, very grateful for.

The day that this describes is probably not the most typical for me. This was documenting Monday, March 23, 2015. Husband was out of town for work training, so I was single parenting it.

So without further ado, (you are about to find out just how long-winded I am)… here is an example of a day in my life:

clock6:00am – alarm originally goes off. But I don’t like 6am. So I always hit the snooze button three times when it goes off so that it will go off again at 6:30am. Today I spend a few minutes scrolling through Facebook and Twitter. Once I’m satisfied that I haven’t missed anything huge overnight, I get out of bed to head to the bathroom to get ready for the day. Once done in there it’s back to get the dog off our bed and head to the kitchen to put breakfast in my purse (poptart … I’m such a slave to nutrition).

sleeping7:05am – go in to wake Garrett. He had somewhat of a rough night. Last night he went down at about 8:45. He was up at 10:30 when he threw up in bed. He’s got a lot of drainage going on from his allergies right now. That always makes him cough himself sick. So I knew he would be a bear this morning.

At 7:15am, my prophecy came true. He had a complete and total meltdown because he didn’t like the way I took the dog outside for his morning walk. Life with a toddler, I tell you, you have no idea if you’ve never experienced it. I send him back to his room to calm down. At 7:25am, I am finally able to get him up and dressed for the day. But now he doesn’t want to go to school.

schoolWelcome to my Monday morning ritual. I finally convince him that he doesn’t want to miss out on school, and at 7:45am, we’re locked and loaded in the car heading to school. We arrive at the school at 8:06am. A few weeks ago we went through a very strong “DON’T LEAVE ME IN THIS GODFORSAKEN PLACE MOMMY” stage. It was very difficult. And I never know when it’s going to rear it’s ugly head again. Luckily, today was not one of those days. He happily went and put his jacket in his cubby and sat down on the carpet. It’s days like this that I wonder when my little baby has been replaced by a little boy with such a little spitfire personality.

I arrive at work at 8:15am. Nothing exciting happens in my day-to-day work life. As stated earlier, I’m a bookkeeper. So my morning consisted of putting the previous Friday and Saturday’s invoices into my computer system and getting the previous week’s invoices enveloped and stamped to go to the post office later today. At 12:05pm I find myself in the drive thru lane at Burger King (once again, such a slave to nutrition). I take it back to my desk at work. Very rarely do I take an actual lunch break. As a normal rule, I simply eat at my desk. At 1:15pm I find myself with free time and I finish reading Insurgent having only had about 30 pages to go before the ending. And here’s the greatest part about my job … I even had time to write and post my review of it. As long as my work gets completed, no one really cares what I do in my down time at work.

At 3:40pm I leave work to go pick up Garrett. I’m lucky that his daycare is literally right down the road as my office. So it doesn’t take but a few minutes to get there from work. It’s a gorgeous day outside, so when I pick him up they’re playing outside. And he runs all the way to the back of the playground and into a playset “hiding” so that he doesn’t have to go home. Ha. And this is the kid that didn’t want to be left at daycare 2 weeks ago. I don’t blame him, in our new house we don’t have our yard fenced in yet, and with me being 7 months pregnant, I simply can’t chase him down in the yard when he takes off from me, so we don’t play outside much unless dad is home.

treasure4:15pm – after a stop at the post office we finally arrive home. In the time that it takes me to go to the bathroom and come back into the living room that also serves as our play room I find that Garrett has found the one remaining box of toys from our move. This is a huge box. One full of toys that he had outgrown but that we had never taken the time to truly go through and weed out. This is how I found him when I came back from the bathroom. But what was so funny about the whole situation (because the huge mess it made definitely was not funny) was that he was screaming “Treasure! My treasure!” He’s a big Mickey Mouse Clubhouse fan and one of his favorite episodes involves Harmony Chord Island, Pawpaw Goofy and his missing treasure. So I guess Garrett thought he had really hit the treasure motherload with this box of toys! Ha! Never a dull moment.

dinnerWe had play time in the play room until 5:00pm when we loaded back into the car and headed to the gas station and to get dinner. Wait for it … happy meals from McDonald’s. Yes, I am that parent. I can’t help it. I have no energy. I have no patience. And when I’m single parenting the last thing I want to do is make a meal that my child may or may not even eat. So bringing in happy meals usually wins out. I am blessed with a picky eater. Well, really he’s not that bad of a picky eater. It could be a lot worse. But I *know* McDonalds is always going to be a home run (strangely enough, so is Red Lobster…). He eats a little more than half of his meal (which is a win in our house) and then asks to go play some more. So I let him go back to the play room while I finish my dinner in peace and peruse some social media.

6:00pm Mickey has to come on. He requests the Pawpaw Goofy episode. Then we watch a “new” episode that the DVR has recorded. I have Mickey Mouse Clubhouse set to continuously record every episode, while only keeping 10 at a time. That way we have a continuous rotating series of episodes. Although there are a few that are his absolute favorites and we have them set on to keep “until I delete.” I let him have more screen time than I probably should, but it keeps him happy. And when you’re 7 months pregnant, miserable, tired, and facing the next three nights without your husband to help …. you do what’s necessary to keep the peace 🙂

At 7:45pm I tell him that Mickey has to go to bed. So we start the bathtime routine. I’m glad that he enjoys the bath. I know a lot of parents who have trouble with this. My kid is like a fish. He never wants to get out. His deal is once he’s clean he starts draining the water and once the water is all gone he has to get out. That’s usually when he starts the water back up in an effort to extend his bathtime. Sneaky little dude.

breathing treatmentAt 8:15pm he’s out of the bath and I tell him to get into bed so we can do his breathing treatment. He’s been suffering from his allergies and has been having a lot of drainage and a terrible cough. Unfortunately he’s started in with a slight wheeze. I routinely keep his nebulizer medicine on hand so that we can avoid trips to the doctor by keeping things as clear as possible. After his treatment it’s time to read. I’m blessed with a child who loves to be read to. He picks out the books he wants to read tonight … only 4 of them this evening. A Mickey book, a pumpkin book, Green Eggs & Ham, and Puppies in the Snow. The first two are short. Green Eggs & Ham is not. Puppies in the Snow is the one we *always* have to end with. I shouldn’t complain, really. Because one day I will miss these snuggle times.

Bed time is the bane of our existence. It’s not easy for us right now. His body has seemingly outgrown the afternoon nap. But his school insists that he still take a two freaking hour nap. From 1pm-3pm. I’m sorry, but that’s entirely too late for my child. And then he’s a bear to get to go to sleep in the evening at a reasonable hour. We also have transitioned him into the toddler bed because he was attempting to climb out of his crib. Well, that means the little devil can get out of bed and leave his room. And he does. Tonight, I leave the room for the first time at 8:45pm. After 6 times of getting out of bed and mom putting him back in (he wanted to play, wanted a toy, wanted to know where the dog was, wanted daddy, wanted a drink of milk, and finally wanted his stuffed bunny) he finally went to sleep for good at 9:22pm. UGH. This is about an hour later than mommy would prefer. And to be honest, it took me having to place the baby gate in front of his door and walking away to let him scream bloody freaking murder cry for 5 minutes before he would finally settle in. I hate locking him in because he hates it so much, but it’s the most effective way of letting him know that we aren’t joking when we say he has to stay in his room.

lights outBy the time he finally settles down, and I walk the dog one final time it’s late. But this will be the only time of day that I truly have to myself. All I want to do is fall into bed in utter exhaustion. What I should do is tidy the kitchen up a bit. What I do end up doing is reading about 20 pages in a new book and turning off the lights at 9:55pm.

All in preparation of doing it all over again the next day…

So there you have it. That is a day in my life. Not exciting. But I wouldn’t trade it for the world. And with Miss K. coming in 8 weeks or less, it’s only likely to get more insane. But isn’t that what makes life worth living?!


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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all my dear friends and readers! We’ve had a really blessed Christmas season this year!

We found out on the 23rd that we are having a baby GIRL! My husband and I both felt like we were having a girl, but we weren’t as prepared for the news as I thought we would be. Ha! It will be nice to have one of each … but I probably am better suited as a boy mom. But it will still be fun to have a little girl around. She’ll be spoiled rotten, grandparents will be completely broke, and I will be surrounded in a sea of pink (ugh). But we really are excited!

Since all the names we had considered up to this point were boy names (we “felt” we were having a girl … but never really considered it seriously, oops!), I asked Garrett what we should name his baby sister. His response …. Bubble. I don’t think that will make the list, but as some of my Facebook friends said, it’s a very happy name. Ha!

We had a good Christmas Eve with my family last night. Garrett got entirely too many presents. And Santa came through big time for him, too! This year was really fun because it was the first year he really had an idea of what was going on. He started to understand the concept of Santa Claus and he LOVES the Christmas lights and trees. He will be bummed when all the Christmas decorations come down. And I won’t be able to get him to behave by promising him Santa won’t come to the house if he’s bad. 🙂

Today we are supposed to go to Nathan’s side of the family. But one of his uncles has a sick child … and we have not heard if they are dragging her along today or not. I don’t want to expose Garrett to anything unnecessary and I don’t want to expose my pregnant self to it either. So we may stay home or we may go. Haven’t decided yet.

I think I’m just not in a jolly mood anymore. I lost my brand-freaking-new $300 camera last night at my grandma’s house. I have a feeling it got swept into the trash compactor, but I don’t know for sure. We looked through it, but it had been run 3 or 4 times by that point, so it wouldn’t have mattered even if we had found it. And if it didn’t get thrown in there, when her cleaning lady comes on Tuesday she will put it someplace never to be seen or heard from again. So I’m pissed off. I got absolutely no pictures of Garrett at the first Christmas that he was really fun at because he understood it. So yeah, I’m just not in a good mood anymore.

I would prefer to just stay at home today and read my book while Garrett plays with all his new toys. Too bad I probably won’t get that…

Sorry to be a Debby Downer … hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!

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When One Door Closes….

….Another one opens.

On November 25th, we said goodbye to our house in Paducah.


It was a very bittersweet day for us … well, at least it was for me. That was our first house. We put a lot of our heart and soul into it to make it our own (not to mention too much of our hard-earned money…). It had been our home for nearly 6 years. It was the only house Garrett has ever known. We had just refinanced last year and was excited to be able to go to a 15-year mortgage. We had no plans to move anytime soon. But oh how those plans can change in an instant.

My husband accepted a new job in late September. His start date was officially November 3rd. We knew it would be nearly impossible to list and sell a house, buy a house and move within a short time period. Boy were we wrong! Within two weeks of listing our house we had an accepted contract. Four short weeks after that we were at the closing. Yes, you read that right. We sold our house in 6 very short weeks. Unheard of, right?! Our realtor sure thought so!

I’m not complaining about how things ended up for us. We were extremely lucky. We were not going to have to worry about two mortgages. We weren’t going to have to worry about scraping together the money for the down payment on the new house that we had picked out. Everything was falling into place perfectly.

But not everything can be entirely perfect. Our Paducah closing was November 25th. Our last night in the house was actually November 19th. That left two days for the movers to do their thing and then 3 more full days for the clean-up. I didn’t think everything was ever going to get cleaned out of that house, but somehow we made it.

So what wasn’t perfect, you might ask? Oh, you know … the slight fact that our new house closing wasn’t until December 5th. Folks that is 16 days from the date we moved out until the closing. And we knew we weren’t going to actually move into the house for a few more days after that (actually, as of this writing, we still are not officially moved in … that doesn’t happen until Dec. 10th.). For those who don’t want to do the math … that is 21 days total. Do you know how long 21 days really feels like when you have almost everything you own in storage and are staying with your parents for the first time (for more than a weekend) in nearly 10 years?? It feels like 21 YEARS! I mean, I love my parents. We have a great relationship with them. And while I knew this was going to be a rough transition, I was not at all prepared for how hard it was really going to be. Whew, I am so thankful that it is almost over.

And that on December 10th, I will be able to sleep in our new house for the first time:


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A complication I never saw coming…

What I have to share today is extremely hard for me to write. But when I talk about it, I feel better. So I feel it’s best to share my story here.

When I announced my pregnancy on here about a week and a half ago, I never thought that I would end up in the hospital four days later.

With Garrett I had a pretty normal, somewhat textbook, pregnancy. The only “complication” I had was gestational diabetes … which was easily controlled with my diet.

Tuesday, November 4th, was a normal day for me. Election day. I got up, took Garrett to daycare, went to work, had a good, but busy, day. Went to pick Garrett up. Had a good drive home. And was on my way to go vote (Garrett was very excited to go vote, by the way!) …. only to start to feel extremely nauseous. And then I started to feel funny. I don’t know what made me look down, but I did. And thought I had peed my pants.

Oh, if only that had been what it was…

No, instead I was bleeding. A lot. So I turned the car around, called my husband, and headed straight for the hospital.

To shorten this extremely long story … I had a hematoma (fancy medical term for blood clot) behind the placenta. Luckily it had started to break up on its own. Unfortunately, because it was behind the placenta, we still do not know if it did any serious damage.

While in the hospital, I had two ultrasounds. Both showed a healthy bouncing baby with a heart rate of about 166. That is encouraging. What is tough is that there is no guarantee that the placenta hasn’t been separated at all. That could cause a miscarriage. At any time….

So I’ve been taking it pretty easy since getting out of the hospital. At first, I was so weak I did nothing but sleep. Now I’m feeling much better. But I’m still cautious. And taking it one day at a time.

Because at this point, that’s all I can do.

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Why do some decisions suck?!

So as you already know, my family and I are packing up and leaving Kentucky to head back home to Illinois. We have had a wonderful 6 years here. We have celebrated every wedding anniversary we’ve ever had here, we bought our first home here, we welcomed our first child here. And in all this time I never considered it “home.”

But now that it’s time to leave … I find myself wondering if we’re making the right decision. Maybe it’s more “home” than I realized. And I’m having a really hard time with it.

When my husband first accepted his new job I was over the moon. I was finally getting what I had wanted for the past 6 years … a chance to go home. Then the reality set in. And we put our house on the market. Went searching for a new home in our new town. Found a new home, put in an offer and close on Dec. 5th. Sold our home and close here on Nov. 25th.

It’s real. It’s happening. And I’m heartbroken. And I shouldn’t be. Because this move is going to be the best thing that has ever happened to us. Ten years down the road we will look back fondly on our time in Paducah, but will know that we made the right decision. So why does it hurt so much right now?! Why?

Our families and friends are ecstatic that we’re coming back home. But both my husband and I are struggling with our decision. Was it too rash? Did he make the right choice for the right reason? I can’t help but think he didn’t. 

You see, there’s more to the whole story. I’m expecting baby #2. I’m due in May of 2015. And I KNOW that my pregnancy had a lot to do with my husband’s decision. Financially it’s a better deal. Realistically, we’re closer to family. We will have pretty easy access to a ton of babysitters. Something that we haven’t had here in Paducah.

So I have tremendous guilt that my husband is making this change because of my pregnancy. And I don’t want him to hate his new job. He likes his current job, he loves his coworkers. And his new job is completely different. He is a civil engineer. He worked hard to get his degree and then worked his tail off and studied for the Professional Engineering test and became a PE. That’s something that he wanted since the day I met him when we were 17. It’s what he always wanted. And now he’s leaving engineering, and probably for good. I mean how many people can truly say that they are working in their chosen field, actually utilizing their college degree for what it was meant for? (I know I sure can’t).

He has asked me numerous times in the past week or so if I was sure this was what I wanted. And I finally owned up to it and said that I truly didn’t know. I know it was a crushing blow to him. Because I know that he made this choice for me, thinking it was what I wanted and would make me happy. Which is exactly why I’m not happy about it .. because he’s doing it for me, not for him. And that is exactly what I had hoped to avoid.

All I can tell him is that sometimes decisions suck, but we have to be confident that when we look back on things, years from now, we will know that this decision, while the hardest, most gut-wrenching one of our lives, was the right one.

It just sucks right now.

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Changes Changes Changes!

Wow is my life just about to get totally insane!!

Since 2008, my husband and I have been living in Paducah, KY. We were brought here by a job opportunity at the City for my husband. It’s an hour away from home for us, and overall, we’ve been very happy with our time here.

But there comes a point in time when you want to move home. This happened shortly after we welcomed Garrett two years ago. We’ve been antsy to be closer to our families ever since then.

But engineering jobs in southern Illinois are few and far between. So we knew that it would be a long and difficult road to get us back home.

My father owns a concrete company. He has wanted my husband to come into the company for quite some time, but the timing was never right. Three weeks ago he had a plant manager put in his notice. Shortly thereafter, he offered my husband the position. And he accepted.

So we are moving back home. Finally.

This is coming along with some other things going on. We have a house to put on the market and sell. We have to find and purchase a new home. We have to find a good daycare to place Garrett into (the first one we toured last week was a huge bust).

So my life is about to be turned completely inside out. But when we’re all settled it will be well worth all the hassle that comes with moving out of state.

I’m posting this because I have a feeling that I’m going to be going very quiet here on the blog. I’m just not going to have the time until things get a little more settled. I have previous commitments that I will still be able to meet, but I will most definitely be slowing down for some time.

Just wanted to let everyone know what was going on in my neck of the woods. Hope everyone is doing well. Have a great weekend! Happy reading!

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Another week in paradise….

It’s insane in my neck of the woods.

My grandmother has been released from the nursing home and is back home. Currently with no help at all except for my 82-year-old grandfather, who had stents put in 2 weeks ago. This ought to end well.

Nathan’s grandmother spent Thursday night in the ER with severe pains running from her ribcage all the way around her back. The initial tests weren’t showing anything. They were going to admit her and schedule a scope for the next morning because they suspect an ulcer. She refused. They pumped her with three morphine shots and sent her home with instructions to call her primary physician first thing Friday morning to schedule the scope. As of yesterday evening she was in pain again, but she’s so stubborn she didn’t call her doctor.

We got a new bed last week, but when it was delivered there was this huge red stain on it that they say is from the manufacturer. They had delivered a bed with the exact same stain a few weeks back. They left it here and have ordered us another one that’s supposed to be delivered on Tuesday.

Since I will have to be home on Tuesday to wait for the delivery guys … I’m going to be a horrible mother and send my child to daycare while I stay home. This will mark the second time I’ve done this and while I do feel guilty … I need this for sure. A quiet house. Bliss!

Garrett has been on Pediasure twice a day since his 2 year appointment in June. After many tries, he will finally drink the strawberry ones. He likes it now and asks for his “strawberry juice” all the time. Good news is that I think he’s finally gaining weight! He’s definitely starting to look bigger … those little chicken legs are starting to fill in 🙂 But goodness gracious, those Pediasure people must thing they’re packaging liquid gold. It’s like I’m buying formula again.

I have a newfound respect for single parents after this week. Nathan has been working early and late every single day. Two nights he was up visiting family and wasn’t home until almost 11pm. So that left me with all parenting responsibilities (see why I’m sending my kid to daycare on the day I’m staying home next week?). Holy cow is it difficult. And my child, while difficult at times, isn’t really all that much trouble at the age of 2. … Except for when I find him climbing on the dining room table, playing with the outlet where the satellite is plugged in, or chasing the dog around the house trying to pull his tail. Yep, typical 2-year-old little boy 🙂

Speaking of typical 2-year-old little boy … it’s all I can do to keep Garrett from taking off all his clothes! Luckily, he only does it here at the house. But seriously?

He keeps going to the bathroom where we keep his potty. He pulls his own pants down and I remove the diaper. Then he runs out of the bathroom screaming “pee-pee potty!”. I’ve explained to him that he has to pee pee IN the potty. We’re not pushing him to potty train immediately, but he’s obviously stuck between interested and not ready.

Well I’ve realized that all I’ve talked about on my BOOK blog is my son. Oops. So … reading? During the second week of July I looked at the calendar and realized that I had only finished one book and had kind of lost my reading mojo. I started stressing about my numbers. Why do I do that to myself, anyway? However, in the last week I’ve finished three books. THREE! I don’t think I have to worry about my numbers now, ha! And I’m 100 pages into the book I’m reading now.

Speaking of which, I’m currently reading “Don’t Try to Find Me” by Holly Brown.  I’m really enjoying it so far! I’m dying to know what happened to make Marley take off! There’s obviously a big secret coming and I have a few guesses of what it might be … but I can’t wait to find out! Look for my review of this one sometime next week.

Well I think it’s time for me to sign off now. We are headed up to our hometown today. Going to play a round of golf with the husband while my parents babysit and then it’s off to the fair for us! It will be Garrett’s first trip, and while I’m not sure what he will get to do being only 2, I know he’ll enjoy walking around watching all the other kids.

Have a good rest of the weekend 🙂