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Another week in paradise….

It’s insane in my neck of the woods.

My grandmother has been released from the nursing home and is back home. Currently with no help at all except for my 82-year-old grandfather, who had stents put in 2 weeks ago. This ought to end well.

Nathan’s grandmother spent Thursday night in the ER with severe pains running from her ribcage all the way around her back. The initial tests weren’t showing anything. They were going to admit her and schedule a scope for the next morning because they suspect an ulcer. She refused. They pumped her with three morphine shots and sent her home with instructions to call her primary physician first thing Friday morning to schedule the scope. As of yesterday evening she was in pain again, but she’s so stubborn she didn’t call her doctor.

We got a new bed last week, but when it was delivered there was this huge red stain on it that they say is from the manufacturer. They had delivered a bed with the exact same stain a few weeks back. They left it here and have ordered us another one that’s supposed to be delivered on Tuesday.

Since I will have to be home on Tuesday to wait for the delivery guys … I’m going to be a horrible mother and send my child to daycare while I stay home. This will mark the second time I’ve done this and while I do feel guilty … I need this for sure. A quiet house. Bliss!

Garrett has been on Pediasure twice a day since his 2 year appointment in June. After many tries, he will finally drink the strawberry ones. He likes it now and asks for his “strawberry juice” all the time. Good news is that I think he’s finally gaining weight! He’s definitely starting to look bigger … those little chicken legs are starting to fill in 🙂 But goodness gracious, those Pediasure people must thing they’re packaging liquid gold. It’s like I’m buying formula again.

I have a newfound respect for single parents after this week. Nathan has been working early and late every single day. Two nights he was up visiting family and wasn’t home until almost 11pm. So that left me with all parenting responsibilities (see why I’m sending my kid to daycare on the day I’m staying home next week?). Holy cow is it difficult. And my child, while difficult at times, isn’t really all that much trouble at the age of 2. … Except for when I find him climbing on the dining room table, playing with the outlet where the satellite is plugged in, or chasing the dog around the house trying to pull his tail. Yep, typical 2-year-old little boy 🙂

Speaking of typical 2-year-old little boy … it’s all I can do to keep Garrett from taking off all his clothes! Luckily, he only does it here at the house. But seriously?

He keeps going to the bathroom where we keep his potty. He pulls his own pants down and I remove the diaper. Then he runs out of the bathroom screaming “pee-pee potty!”. I’ve explained to him that he has to pee pee IN the potty. We’re not pushing him to potty train immediately, but he’s obviously stuck between interested and not ready.

Well I’ve realized that all I’ve talked about on my BOOK blog is my son. Oops. So … reading? During the second week of July I looked at the calendar and realized that I had only finished one book and had kind of lost my reading mojo. I started stressing about my numbers. Why do I do that to myself, anyway? However, in the last week I’ve finished three books. THREE! I don’t think I have to worry about my numbers now, ha! And I’m 100 pages into the book I’m reading now.

Speaking of which, I’m currently reading “Don’t Try to Find Me” by Holly Brown.  I’m really enjoying it so far! I’m dying to know what happened to make Marley take off! There’s obviously a big secret coming and I have a few guesses of what it might be … but I can’t wait to find out! Look for my review of this one sometime next week.

Well I think it’s time for me to sign off now. We are headed up to our hometown today. Going to play a round of golf with the husband while my parents babysit and then it’s off to the fair for us! It will be Garrett’s first trip, and while I’m not sure what he will get to do being only 2, I know he’ll enjoy walking around watching all the other kids.

Have a good rest of the weekend 🙂

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