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Top Ten Tuesday – September 18, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday

September 18: Books On My Fall TBR

So the last time I participated in this was the week we did the spring TBR list …. of those 10 books, I read 3 and DNF’d 1. Oops?! Actually that’s a little bit better than I had anticipated 😀 So … once again, I’m going to make a list. If I read even one of these I’ll probably consider it a win, ha! I’m keeping 3 from my spring list on my fall list. Here we go:

The Swans of Fifth AvenueWhat HappenedDead LettersLittle Fires EverywhereThe Alice Network

One Perfect LieGhostedThe Book of EssieThe Underground RailroadThe Female Persuasion


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Top Ten Tuesday – March 20, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday

March 20: Books On My Spring TBR

I don’t normally like to make lists like this. Basically because I completely fail and not a single book off this list will be read. Oops?! Whatever. Here’s what I’d “like” to get to this spring, I need to revisit some series books that I’m woefully behind on. And then a few new(ish) acquisitions that have really caught my eye.

Grave PerilWhat HappenedThe Final DetailLost LightAll Together DeadLittle Fires EverywhereThe Alice NetworkThe Seven Husbands of Evenlyn HugoHoliday in DeathNight Prey

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Top Ten Tuesday – March 13, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday

March 13: Books That Surprised Me (in a good or bad way)

So I went back through my entire Goodreads read list (all 647 from the last 11 years!) I went through the list looking for books that were out of my comfort zone that ended up surprising me in a good way. Here’s what I came up with that fit the bill:


This was a Barnes & Noble Serial Reads selection. I think it was the second month I discovered it existed. I decided to give the book a shot and was pleasantly surprised by it. I don’t read a ton of YA and I had actually never read a retelling. But I ended up really enjoying this one! It’s definitely not a book I would have ever picked up on my own, so I’m glad that I took a chance on it!



Dead Until Dark

Okay, so I drug my feet on ever giving this one a shot. Vampires? Not really my thing. But I had read a few other Charlaine Harris books that I enjoyed, and at the time everyone and their brother was talking about the HBO series (which I never did and still haven’t seen a single episode of…) I decided I’d give it a shot. And it actually surprised me! Since then I have read up to the 6th book in the series … and it’s been a while since I visited Sookie, I need to get back into her world!



Young Adult? Dystopian? Buzz book? I mean all of those things  individually are immediately off-putting to me. Putting them all together? I still can’t believe I even gave this one a shot! But for whatever reason, I loved it! I loved it so much I remember very specifically going straight to the bookstore and buying Insurgent and I read that one immediately after this one. I did end up finishing the trilogy, but I still think the first book was the best of the three.




My memory of this one has ultimately failed me. 😦 But looking back over my review, I picked it up to fulfill a chit-lit requirement on a Goodreads challenge. And I apparently did not like the ending one bit. But I’m still surprised I rated this book as high as I did. I am no chick-lit convert, but I remember being engaged throughout the book. I haven’t read anything else by Ms. Rowell, I feel like I need to change that!


The Help
I read this book 7 years ago and I would still put it on my favorite book list. I picked it up on the recommendation of my grandmother. This is not the type of book she reads at all, so I figured if she loved it as much as she said she did then I would probably love it as well. And I did! If I was a re-reader, I would definitely re-read it. Unfortunately, I am not. However, I do continue to sing its praises. And I’m actually gifting a copy of this book to a friend who “doesn’t read” in the hopes that it will resonate with her in the same way it did for me. … Just don’t eat the chocolate pie 😀

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Top Ten Tuesday – February 27, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday

February 27: Books I Could Re-read Forever

I’m not a re-reader in general. There’s too many books out there that I want to read for there to be time for me to re-read books. However, there is one exception to this rule.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

I have read this book 3 times (so far) and I can’t wait until Garrett is a few years older so we can read it together!

I really need to re-read the entire series … maybe someday 🙂

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Top Ten Tuesday – February 20, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday

February 20: Books I’ve Decided I’m No Longer Interested In Reading

Well this one is somewhat easy for me to participate in this week. A couple of weeks ago I  went through my shelves, rearranging and purging (**gasp**). I’m ashamed to admit that the purge was very small (only 17 books) in comparison to the (400+) books that remained. But progress is progress, right?! Anyway … here’s 6 of those 17 that have since left the house.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

I have tried to pick this book up on three separate occasions. On all three of those times I have set it aside again. I just cannot get past 100 pages in this book. As a result, it didn’t survive my purge and it’s leaving the house (along with the other two … The Girl Who Played With Fire and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest).



The Six Sacred Stones

So after reading the first book in this series a few weeks ago, I was left somewhat unimpressed. As a result, I’ve decided that this one (and the third in the series, The Five Greatest Warriors) are being donated.




Confessions of a Shopaholic

I picked this one up at Goodwill a while ago on a whim. I think it was more because it has a pink cover (something that I’m always looking for in my Goodreads challenges) than anything else. I highly doubt I’ll ever read it, so out it goes…




Top Secret

I actually bought this one new a few years ago. But it’s just sat and sat. And to be honest, after not being over the moon with the last Griffin book I read, and after reading the blurb on this one, I think a new home would be best for this book.




Power Down

When I read the blurb on this one, it didn’t even sound remotely interesting to me. Out it goes.





The Blood Gospel

I’m not even sure why I picked this one up to begin with. The blurb does not sound interesting. Another one that had to go.

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Top Ten Tuesday – February 6, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday

February 6Books That Have Been On My TBR the Longest and I Still Haven’t Read

So I hopped on my Goodreads page to check out my options for this one. The dates are a little skewed on there because when we moved back in 2014, I made a massive purge and so I ended up deleting my entire bookshelf and added everything from scratch as I unpacked them. Embarrassingly enough, I have 132 books still on my shelf that were added in December 2014 😮 Interestingly enough, paring that selection down to 10 was relatively easy – that’s pretty telling isn’t it…. anyway, on to the books:

The Sweetness at the Bottom of the PieThe Lost SymbolThe Gods of GothamGone GirlOutlanderBurial RitesThe OutcastsCover of SnowNineteen MinutesThe Other Typist

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Top Ten Tuesday – January 16, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday

So Top Ten Tuesday has a new home! I’m glad that this is being continued on. I look forward to getting more active with it!

January 16: Bookish Resolutions/Goals

Hm…. ok, so I did a post kind of dealing with this back in November. To briefly summarize …..

  1. Rein in the book purchases. …. for the most part I don’t spend a lot of money on my books (hello used bookstore/Goodwill/library book sale) … but I also buy like 10-15 at a time …. oops?!
  2. Clear off my shelves …. read it or get rid of it (and then get rid of it … I don’t keep very many books I’ve already read, I’m not a re-reader). My shelves are at critical level right now. Gotta change that!
  3. Work on backlists AND new releases. I need to find a good balance of both.
  4. Read more non-fiction. I think a lot of this has to do with the fact that I spent most of my undergraduate years doing nothing but reading. And because of that when I first graduated (many years ago now, lol) I really went on a fiction spree. I needed the break it allowed me. But now I’m ready to get back into reading some non-fiction. I need to read more than just mystery books. I need to broaden my horizons – read some history books again, read some current affairs. I’m aiming to get at least 1 non-fiction book a month. I have this ultimate desire to start a sort of “president reading challenge” where I read a book on each President. In historical order. Sounds great, right? Until I look at the fact that the book I’ve chosen for George Washington is like 1000 pages and I just move right along to something else, lol. I have to stop being intimidated. It doesn’t matter if it takes me 6 months to finish that book.
  5. Scale back on the Goodreads challenges I sign up for. Basically I need to take a break from group challenges. I much prefer the freedom individual challenges allow me to reading what I want when I want to. A run-in with a fellow group member didn’t help my feelings on group challenges to be honest…. so yeah. Definitely time to get back to my individual challenges. Believe it or not – I really enjoy spell out challenges 🙂
  6. Enjoy myself. If I read 1 book in a month, who cares? That’s still 1 book. Don’t worry about the numbers. Don’t worry about the “it books.” Don’t worry about the “fluff books.” Just enjoy myself and read what and when I want. No stress. Just enjoyment!

So I think that’s all I’ve got for right now. Pretty broad and basic.

Basically …. have fun and enjoy whatever I accomplish with my reading 🙂

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Top Ten Tuesday – January 2, 2018


Well it has been years since I participated in a Top Ten Tuesday! (And it’s soon moving over to a new host…) Anyway…. this week’s topic appealed to me, so I figured it would be a great time to jump right in.

January 2: Top Ten New-To-Me Authors I Read In 2017

Okay, so looking back at my 2017 books read …. I read 24 new-to-me authors in 2017. Of these 24 authors, only 7 really make my “top ten” list. So in alphabetical order, along with the books I read, here’s my list:

  • M.J. Arlidge ….  Eeny Meeny and Pop Goes the Weasel
  • Julie Hyzy …  State of the Onion
  • Victoria Laurie … Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye and Better Read than Dead
  • Gilly Macmillan … The Perfect Girl
  • Susan Elia MacNeal …  Mr. Churchill’s Secretary
  • Leslie Meier … Mistletoe Murder
  • Michael Palmer … Oath of Office
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Top Ten Tuesday – September 16, 2014


The topic this week is …Top Authors I’ve Only Read One Book From But NEED to Read More

I have a tendency to read the first book in a series and then never moving on. So I have a lot of authors I’ve only read one book from that I would love to read more from! In no particular order:

  1. Chris Pavone … I read The Accident earlier this year and LOVED it! I also snatched up his debut, The Expats on my Nook when it was on sale for like $1.99 a few months back, but have yet to read it….
  2. Lee Child … I read Killing Floor  a few months ago and enjoyed it. But I have yet to continue on with the series … for no good reason at all … other than time 😉
  3. Marcia Clark … I read The Competition on a whim just last month and really, really enjoyed it. I also have her first book on my physical TBR shelf and I *NEED* to get to it soon!
  4. Chevy Stevens … I read Still Missing back in 2011 and really enjoyed it, but haven’t read anything else by Ms. Stevens … and I have another book of hers on my shelf (actually it’s an ARC that I was sent and never got to … oops)
  5. Karin Slaughter … I read Blindsighted last year and enjoyed it, but once again I have that terrible habit of starting with the first book in a series and then never going any further.
  6. Ted Bell … I read Hawke last year and well, I’m sure you can fill in the blanks (just follow the pattern that seems to be appearing rather obvious.)
  7. Scott Turow … It actually took me a couple of times to get into Presumed Innocent, but once I finally persevered past that 50 page mark I loved it! And have yet to read anything else by Mr Turow…
  8. James Rollins … I read Sandstorm while I was pregnant with Garrett and enjoyed it. But somewhere along the line I have managed to collect a few more of Rollins’ books on my shelves, but they continue to sit unread.
  9. Adam Mitzner … I scored an ARC of A Case of Redemption last year and enjoyed it a lot. Enough to make me go out and purchase Mr. Mitzner’s first book, which I never read. *Sigh*
  10. Kate White … I read Eyes on You in conjunction with a book tour and enjoyed it. I have had The Sixes on my shelf forever … I keep saying “one day”.

Wow … I have a really bad habit of reading an author one time with every intention of continuing on with the series or backlist just to proceed to fail, miserably.

Too many books … not enough time.