Monthly Wrap Up

June 2008 Wrap-Up

June 2008 Wrap-Up

Here’s my end of the month wrap-up:

  1. James Patterson, Mary Mary –> Really good in my opinion. One of the Alex Cross series. Fast paced and action packed. Highly recommended. 4/5
  2. Nora Roberts, Blood Brothers –> The first in the Sign of Seven Trilogy. I really enjoyed it. It was definitely a little strange but I still liked it. 4.5/5
  3. Danielle Steel, Johnny Angel –> Extremely weird book. And boy do I mean weird. But I still enjoyed it. Steel is slowly becoming an author that I look for whenever I’m in a bookstore. 5/5
  4. M.C. Beaton, The Deadly Dance –> Part of the Agatha Raisin series. I was not impressed by this one at all. It was too fluffy for my taste. Just not my style of book. 3/5
  5. Max Allan Collins, The Titanic Murders –> Put something with the word Titanic in it and Tara will pick it up. However, I could have skipped this one. It was good, but the writing lacked a little bit. Just okay for me. 3.5/5
  6. Harlan Coben, The Innocent –> I simply cannot say enough good things about this author! He’s just frickin’ awesome in my opinion. I have yet to read a Coben book that let me down. This one was no exception! 5/5
  7. Linda Fairstein, Entombed –> Part of the Alex Cooper series. A new series for me. I liked it, but I felt it could have been better. It had it’s ups and it’s downs, but I will definitely be looking into this series more. 4/5
  8. Kathy Reichs, Deadly Decisions –> Part of the Temperance Brennan series. I’ve only read two of this series (1st & now 3rd) and I’m about ready to throw in the towel. I love the TV show Bones, but this series just does nothing for me. I’m still undecided about it. 3.5/5

Here are some statistics in regards to my reading:

  • Books read: 8
  • Pages read: 2,797
  • New Authors: 3
  • Fiction: 8
  • Nonfiction: 0
  • Read for Challenges: 4

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