Challenge Wrap-Up

Finished Challenge – Initials Reading Challenge

Finished my fifth challenge today!! I finished Becky’s Initials Reading Challenge. I only kept two of my original 5 selections. But it was only because I was by chance picking up books with authors whose names had initials in them. When I signed up for this one I thought it would be a lot more difficult than it was, but I really enjoyed it!! Here’s my wrap up:

The rules were to read 5-8 books (I read 5) by authors whose names are initials.

I read:

  1. M.C. Beaton, The Deadly Dance
  2. J.F. Freedman, The Disappearance
  3. J.A. Jance, Name Withheld
  4. J.D. Robb, Glory in Death
  5. J.T. Ellison, All the Pretty Girls

Favorite: All the Pretty Girls (Ellison)
Least Favorite: The Deadly Dance (Beaton)

4.5/5, AUTHOR, Author Debut, Book Review, E, Fiction, Read in 2008

All the Pretty Girls by J.T. Ellison

All the Pretty Girls
by J.T. Ellison

Copyright: 2007
Pages: 411
Rating: 4.5/5
Read: Aug. 27-29, 2008
Challenge: Initials Reading Challenge, Suspense & Thriller Challenge – Serial Killer subgenre

First Line: “No. Please don’t.”

When a local Nashville girl is killed by a sadistic serial killer, Homicide Lieutenant Taylor Jackson and her lover, FBI profiler Dr. John Baldwin find themselves working together to catch the “Southern Strangler.” Up-an-coming TV reporter Whitney Connolly is absolutely positive that The Southern Strangler is her ticket to the big times. She is being contacted by the Strangler. But she has no idea just how close the story is to herself. When the killer starts to spin out of control, Taylor and John have no idea where this case will take them, what it will uncover and how awful the truth actually is.

This book was really good! I thought that it had a slightly slow start, but once I got about 100 pages into it it really picked up and was an awesome read!!! This was a fantastic debut for Ellison, and I look forward to her book for many years to come!!