Miscellaneous Ramblings

Admitting a problem

Hello, my name is Tara, and I am a book-aholic.

Why am I just now admitting that, you may ask? Well, besides the fact that it is common knowledge: it’s because I am going to be completely embarrassed by this coming Monday’s post for Mailbox Monday. Why, you may once again ask? Well …*ducking head in shame* … it’s because in the past two weeks alone I have been a busy little bee on the PBS Box-of-Books page. I have 24 books coming to me because of 4 transactions. Oh, and then there’s the two wishlist books…… (Of course this also means that I was able to get 24 books to new homes). But really, 24 – er, actually 26? I am thoroughly embarrassed. I have to hide these big box trades from my husband – not because he cares, but because he just shakes his head in astonishment and it makes me feel guilty. This week (not counting Friday and Saturday’s possible mail) I have already received 12 books. Now, 7 of the books won’t be delivered to me for a while because of a emergency on the other person’s end, but still. It’s just the fact of the matter.

So, dear readers:

  • Do I have a problem? Yes.
  • Do I care? Not really.
  • Will I change? Highly doubtful.

So there it is. My admission. In all it’s glory posted on the internet for all the world to see 🙂

On a side note – I got my iPhone! YAY! I am a happy girl! And tonight is more March Madness! GO BUTLER!!! (Why Butler? Because that’s who I got in the office pool). Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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