Meme, Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday Freebie – So this week the topic is totally up to us. Soooo, I’m choosing to do a top ten list of my favorite book series! Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows that I am series obsessed! So here’s my top ten seven favorites and some honorable mentions:

  1. Alex Cross. I am a James Patterson junkie. I know a lot of people shun his work. And I have a little bit of a problem with all the books he puts out that he “co-authors” … and I’m not stupid, I know he’s not the one writing the co-authored books. However, the Alex Cross books, which are just about the only books he puts out that only has his name on them, are by far the best books he writes and my absolute favorite series. I am caught up with this series until the latest comes out in a few months, and I’m already looking forward to that one! Even if you detest James Patterson, I still highly recommend you give this series a try!
  2. Taylor Jackson. This series is written by J.T. Ellison, and I absolutely love it! Taylor is a homicide detective (actually, she might be a lieutenant) in Nashville, TN (which is about two hours away from me). Ms. Ellison writes the most twisted and wonderful books. I love them. And what’s sad is that she’s still relatively unknown. Even though her seventh book in this series is getting ready to come out in a couple of months, there are a lot of people who have never heard of J.T. Ellison! I think that’s a tragedy – people are missing out on some great reading! Definitely give this series a chance 🙂
  3. Jane Rizzoli & Maura Isles. And I’m talking about the book series here, not the TV series on TNT – although the TV series is really good too! As a general rule, I am not a huge fan of medical-ish books, but for whatever reason, I really enjoy this series. I think it’s because it’s more detective work than medical work. The books are quite a bit different from the TV series, but they are both equally enjoyable and I would definitely recommend this series!
  4. The Camel Club. David Baldacci has created a wonderful series here. To be perfectly honest, the only Baldacci books I have ever read are the Camel Club books. But I just love Oliver Stone’s character and all the trouble he and his friends manage to find themselves in. If you want a great thrilling, conspiracy-filled ride of a series, give these books a shot!
  5. Maggie O’Dell by Alex Kava. Maggie O’Dell is a profiler for the FBI and these books revolve around the cases that she works. I will admit that the last two in the series have not been as good as the earlier ones, but I still enjoy this series. I would definitely recommend them.
  6. Alex Delaware. Although I haven’t read very many of these Jonathan Kellerman books yet, I have enjoyed the ones that I have read. I like Alex’s character. I really need to get back to reading this series because I am way far behind!
  7. Harper Connelly. This Charlaine Harris series is completed. Harper is a young woman who was struck by lightning as a teenager and ever since that event she has been able to hear dead people. She uses that new ability to find dead people. She travels the country with her step-brother as part of her job to find people. I found it to be a very interesting series. It was only four books and as I said, Ms. Harris considers Harper’s story complete, but I would definitely recommend this series.

Honorable Mentions: These are series that I haven’t read very far into and don’t have a great grasp on them, but that I have enjoyed the limited amount that I have read and look forward to continuing in the future:

  • Jacqueline “Jack” Daniels by J.A. Konrath – I have read the first book, Whiskey Sour, recently and loved it! I’m definitely looking forward to continuing on with this series – it was definitely a very funny read!
  • Cotton Malone by Steve Berry – I have read the first two in this series and have the next three waiting on my shelves. This is definitely a series I am hoping continues to be just as enjoyable as the first two books proved to be.
  • SIGMA Force by James Rollins – I have only read the first book, Sandstorm, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and definitely look forward to reading more in this series!

So there’s my list.

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