Baby Book Addict

Quick Update

So I seem to not be posting a whole heck of a lot. I have a feeling that it’s only going to get worse from here on out. I’m just not reading. I have two books checked out from the library (one that’s due back next week, the other one due back the week after), I’ve got another book on the waitlist at the library and I’m already #1 on the list, and I’m also trying to read an e-book somewhere in the middle of all that. And, oh, did I mention – I’m just not reading? Yeah. I’m really not.

But I don’t care, I’ve got too much other stuff going on in my life. Like the ultrasound that we had today that showed … a BOY! I had this feeling that I had a boy inside there, and I knew that I had a 50/50 chance of being right, but I never guessed I would actually be right! As much as I wanted a girl deep down (because, seriously, what woman doesn’t want a baby girl?), I haven’t stopped smiling since we saw the evidence on the ultrasound. And he was more than happy to show us his goods! It didn’t take long at all to spot, and even I with my untrained eye was able to tell immediately that it was a boy. I actually saw the privates before the ultrasound tech asked if we really wanted to know, lol.

Now I just have to hope that we don’t have an experience like one of the girls I went to high school with. She went to the hospital to deliver her little Chloe only to come home with a little Dominic. I know it’s rare, but it obviously does happen. So when I go back for my anatomy scan (sometime in January) I will make sure that they double check, because we did find out a little early (15 weeks).

Everything at the doctor’s office looked good. The ultrasound was strictly for a sneak peek at the gender. But the heartbeat is still perfect and the measurements are right on track. Believe it or not, I actually lost a pound. So I am back to my normal pre-pregnancy weight. Of course when you can hardly stomach food, this really isn’t surprising. I also got the green light for our quick trip to Florida at the end of this month. I just have to make sure I get out and walk around every few hours during the drive. Not like that will be a problem, I have to pee every 2 hours. My next appointment is on January 9th. At that appointment they will schedule me for my anatomy scan.

On a happier note, I am starting to feel more normal again (whatever normal is when you’re pregnant). I can actually open the recipe emails that I get daily from without wanting to upchuck. And the grocery store, oh how I have missed going to the grocery store – I actually was able to stand it long enough to buy real food! And I’ve been cooking. Yep … I think my appetite has returned. I still get a little nauseous every once in a while, but for the most part it’s past me. Thank goodness, I was about to go crazy.

Latest craving – orange sherbet.

So that’s my big news for today. I did receive a couple of books in the mail last week, but I failed to get a Mailbox Monday post up today. Maybe I’ll just save it for next week. Knowing me it’ll never get done.