Miscellaneous Ramblings

Looking forward to 2012….

….2012 is going to be an unbelievable year for my family and I. It’s also going to impact what happens here on the blog. So I thought I would sit down and try to lay out what I want to happen in 2012.

First and foremost, as things continue with my pregnancy, I feel like I should warn my readers that this blog is going to continue to evolve. It will no longer be strictly a book blog. I have already been posting updates about my doctor appointments and what I’m going through. Expect to see a lot more of that. And when June rolls around and our little *boy* bundle of joy is welcomed into our lives, expect to see a lot less of me as I adjust to being a first-time mommy. But I won’t be giving up my blog completely. Just be patient with me 🙂

I am stepping away from accepting books to review from publishers/authors/publicists. I think it’s time to for me to end this completely. In 2011, I took a step back and evaluated where I was and how I felt about accepting books for review. I took a break from accepting books, but I ended up breaking my own vow. This time I’m completely done with it. With the baby coming it’s going to be hard enough to read, the last thing I’m going to need is a responsibility to read something by a certain date. That’s just not going to work out for me. I will end up not reading at all and I don’t want that to happen, ever.

Challenges. I’m torn on my feelings about these. I have already been through the Novel Challenges blog and picked out 6 challenges that sound good to me for 2011. However, I know that this is not going to be in the realm of possibilities for me. So I have decided instead that I’m going to limit myself to only 3 challenges. I will be posting about those in the coming days.

I am determined to make the most of what I can do in 2012. I know that come June my life is going to enter into a whirlwind. I’m ready for it. But that doesn’t mean I’m not scared, nervous, excited, etc. If I read 10 books in 2012, I will be happy. If I read 5 books in 2012, I will be happy. If I read like a mad woman and read 25 books before June (kind of my goal), I will be ecstatic! Because after June, well, who knows.

It also doesn’t help that I have actually not finished a single book in the month of December! Eek! I’ve picked up numerous books and just haven’t been able to finish them. I haven’t posted a DNF post about these books, because they are books that I intend to come back to at some point in the future. It may be weeks, months or years from now. But they are all books I intend on finishing one day.

So reading back over this post it sounds so disorganized. I apologize for that. That’s kind of how my brain is working these days. But I hope I got my point across and to briefly recap in case I didn’t…..

In 2012 you will see:

  • More personal posts.
  • Less of a presence come June, but I’m not disappearing completely.
  • No more review books. I’m getting back to reading what I want to read, when I want to read it.
  • Only 3 challenges that I’m participating in. And I feel absolutely no pressure to complete these, either.
  • No pressure to read a set amount of books. What I read is what I will read and I will be happy no matter what.