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I did it!!

After a good year of contemplating it I finally did it. I have my own domain!! Hooray! I went the easy route and remained with WordPress.com so I don’t have to change anything. I can use everything the same way as I did before, I just have a spiffier looking website name!

WordPress is *supposed* to make sure that all my links get forwarded to where they’re supposed to be. As far as everything I’m reading seems to be indicating, all I had to do was give them $18 a year to make my new address http://talesofabookaddict.com. Hopefully it worked right! Oh on a side note to anyone thinking of making the change, for another $8 you can make your registration private. I chose to do this because they ask for your address and your phone number. And I don’t want everyone to have access to that info.

Please let me know if you have any trouble with my site not loading or my links not forwarding correctly.

In the very hear future I will Be setting up a new email address that is also hooked into my domain.

I think this makes me look a lot more “professional”. Even though I’m only doing this for fun, it definitely makes me feel more established. I’m thrilled with my decision to make the switch 🙂

Now hopefully everything works correctly because I have no idea how to fix anything. Haha

Oh and definitely look for a new site design too. I’ve got the itch to switch things up 🙂

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