Signing Up For 2013 Challenges

Okay, so usually I post individually for the challenges I’m signing up for. This year, I’m just going to do one post.

I have found four challenges for 2013.

2013eclecticreader So I participated in the 2012 version of the Eclectic Reader Challenge – I failed at it, too. I decided to give it another go in 2013. The categories are different, so this ought to be fun.

Translated Fiction               Urban Fantasy               Humor
Historical Mystery               Dystopian                       Published in 2013
Romantic Suspense             Memoir
Made Into a Movie              LGBT
New Adult                             Action Adventure

So I’ll be honest here – there are a few I know I’m going to struggle with (Urban Fantasy/Dystopian/LGBT) but who knows – maybe I’ll make it.

Off the Shelf  Once again, this is another challenge that I participated in for 2012. And another one that I failed. The idea is to read books that have been on your shelves prior to 2013.

I’m choosing to sign up for Making a Dint – 30 books.

I have plenty of choices on my shelves, lol.

Sequel Challenge Okay – so how many times have I read the first book in a series, only to have not (for whatever reason) moved on to book #2? Too many to count. That’s why this challenge is so perfect for me 🙂

The goal – read as many books after the first in a series that you choose.

I think I want to read at least 5-7 sequels.

What's in a Name6 And the final one that I’m signing up for – What’s in a Name 6. I participated in this challenge when Annie was still hosting it but haven’t signed up the last couple of years. I decided to take the plunge again this year. Here’s the categories:

Up or Down (or equivalent)               Fire (or equivalent)
Something found in a kitchen           An Emotion
Party or Celebration                            Lost or Found (or equivalent)