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Why I Had to Have a Different Nook….

Okay, so my long-term readers might remember that back in November 2010 I was the proud owner of a new Nook Color. I was thrilled to have one. My parents even let me have it a whole month before Christmas. I was ecstatic.

Then reality hit. The battery life sucked. (I am still convinced mine was defective since my mom’s battery life was a gazillion times better than mine … and we had purchased that extended warranty that “promised” a replacement Nook if something was wrong – LIARS! They did all these stupid updates, made me get on the phone with customer service, blah blah blah .. and essentially did absolutely nothing to fix the darned thing).

So it sat. Unused, practically. I think I could probably count on two hands how many e-books I read on the thing. It just wasn’t my cup of tea.

In the back of my head, I was silently kicked myself in the butt because I knew when my parents bought it for me it wasn’t the one I really wanted. At the time I wanted a Kindle. But my mom is so anti-Amazon that she was determined I would not be getting a Kindle. We were having the Nooks and that was that. Okay, fine, but did I really need the $250 Color? No! And in fact, I told her I specifically wanted the e-ink version. That it would be much better to read on. That the Color was going to be like reading on a computer. Yeah, you can see how that worked out – I walked away with a brand new Nook Color.

And at first I was happy. But then I started having trouble with the battery life and by that point I was so frustrated that I never wanted to pick the thing back up. I did read on it here or there a few times. But nothing serious. Heck, I had to charge the thing every night if I used it even 45 minutes (see – it has to be defective!). I would take it to the gym ready to read only to find out that it was completely dead. FRUSTRATING!

Now it sits in my entertainment center collecting dust. Sad, but true.

My birthday rolled around in July. And I got some cash. I was determined I was going to buy that $69 Kindle. My husband talked me out of it – he claimed that I wouldn’t use it because the Nook sits unused. Then I decided that I wouldn’t be happy with the cheap version anyway, so I never purchased one. Christmas season started to hit and I started up again on how I wanted a Kindle. My husband actually went to Best Buy on Black Friday (later in the day, he didn’t fight the crazies at midnight) and purchased me a brand-new Kindle Fire. Came home with it. And then I had to tell him that it wasn’t the one I wanted. I wanted the Paperwhite. He took it back. And found that you couldn’t find the Paperwhite anywhere. And the website says it’s not available to ship until Dec. 21st. I wanted this thing to take on our upcoming trip to Hawaii … before Dec. 21st. So then he said, well what about a Nook?

I got on the website and started looking around and saw that they made a new Nook with Glowlight. I was immediately intrigued. I wanted one. But he made me go to the store and look at it before he agreed to buy it for me.

I walked away with a brand new Nook with Glowlight that day! And that night I bought my first e-book on it (Killing Kennedy) and was reading up a storm on it. As you can imagine, I think my husband is glad that I am actually using the one that he bought me 🙂

So will I stick with this one? I sure hope so. Will it end up in the entertainment center like the Color? I hope not.

Who knows. I’m so fickle you never know what I will decide. But I will say that I’ve bought 4 more e-books and downloaded one from Netgalley already, so I obviously have plans to use this one.

I just still can’t figure out why on earth I let my mother talk me into the Nook Color two years ago! I knew I wanted the e-ink version at the time. But now I have it and I hope I’m happy with it for the long term.