Monthly Wrap Up

February 2014 Wrap-Up

February turned out to be a pretty decent month. I actually really enjoyed all the books I read this month. The only thing disappointing is that I was only able to read one of my own books, and I didn’t make it a priority to read a book for the TBR Challenge. I’m also a little disappointed that I wasn’t able to share any recipes this month. But honestly, I only tried one new recipe and it was a bit of a bust. Oh well, there’s always next month 🙂

Books read: 5 (YTD: 9)

The ExecutionThe Innocent SleepFade AwayFortunate SonPrecious Thing

The Execution by Dick Wolf
The Innocent Sleep by Karen Perry 
Fade Away by Harlan Coben
Fortunate Son by David Marlett
Precious Thing by Colette McBeth (Review coming 3/4/14)

Pages read: 1583 (YTD: 3343)

Challenge Progress:

Eclectic Reader Challenge: 3/12
Official TBR Pile Challenge: 1/12
What’s in a Name Challenge: 1/6

Books received: 13 (see list here)

Purchased at Used Book Store: 10
Hard copy Review books: 3

Memes posted: 5

Events Participated In: None

Recipes shared: 0

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