Miscellaneous Ramblings

My latest addiction….

Back when I started book blogging in 2008, reading challenges were all. the. rage. Now, they’re obviously still around, but most people I know have really fallen off the challenge wagon. Even I had seriously backed off the last few years, only committing to a few a year. And this year I signed up for not a single, solitary book-blog hosted challenge.

But sometime late last year I stumbled across a Goodreads group dedicated to reading challenges. And I’ve been hooked ever since.

Now for the most part, I started out small. I participated in the ones that required you to read 3 books a month or ones that tracked the number of pages you read in a month. That sort of thing. Then I branched out into the quarterly ones. I especially like the ones that are meant to clear your TBR.

But here’s where the problem is….

Now I want to sign up for the no-time limit, ridiculous challenges. You know, the ones that require you to read something like 400 books if you finish every single task of the challenge. Think about that when you only average 50 books or less a year…..

Say what?! Why yes, I have lost my entire mind.┬áBut I can’t help it. They’re addicting. It’s so much fun to pick out books that I already have on my shelves that will work for certain challenge. But the problem is that I’m spending more time finding books and picking what will fit into what category for a certain challenge than I am actually reading…

I can’t help myself. I need a Goodreads reading challenges intervention.

What about you …. have you found these challenges? How do you say NO!????