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Settling Back In …..

Hello, world! It’s been a long few months since I hung up my proverbial hat and took what I now consider a much-deserved hiatus.

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t close up shop completely 🙂

The itch was slowly coming back to me. I got my reading mojo back. I’v been reading what I want when I want. And it’s been absolutely wonderful. Of the 13 books I’ve read so far in 2016, they’ve all been backlist reads (the most recent book on my list so far was published in 2013…), lots of catching up with series books, etc.

So what finally brought me back completely? Well Trish’s A Day in the Life event had a lot to do with it….when she hosted this event last year I was pregnant with Katelyn. So I knew that this year my post would be completely different! And it will be – look out for it on the 23rd!

So what should you expect from me going forward? Well… I’m probably not going to have a set routine. I’ll post when I feel like it. I don’t care if that means I’m posting 3 times or week or once in 3 weeks. And while I have accepted one review book from an author I’ve read and loved in the past, don’t expect a lot of newer books to be featured here. I’m not really looking into getting back into the ARC stuff. I think that’s what really burned me out to begin with. I have 300+ books on my shelves here at the house. And while I didn’t officially join in on Andi’s fun … I’m “reading my own damn books” this year! So yeah, I’m free-styling here. My reviews may be two sentences long, they may be 2 pages long – I’m not going to be too strict on myself. I’m not going to feel guilty because I’m not reading the latest and greatest. I’m not going to feel guilty if I don’t log on in a couple of weeks. This is what’s going to work best for me. This is what I want out of my blog. I don’t care about numbers anymore. I’m doing this for me.

So that’s it … that’s my re-introduction. Hopefully some of you readers are still out there.  I’m definitely looking forward to getting back into this …. slowly but surely 🙂

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