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A Day in the Life: Take 2


Last year I participated in this event hosted by Trish. You can find that post here.  I knew that this year’s post would be much different for me – since we’ve added Katelyn to our family 🙂 Anyway, I recorded March 15, 2016. Here goes…

1:21am – Katelyn wakes …. gooooood morning. *Groan* Go in, give her a paci and tell her good night.
1:31am – She’s still crying. Go back in, put her paci back in her mouth and tell her goodnight. Again.
1:39am – she *finally* settles back in.

To be completely honest, my kids are rockstar sleepers. Garrett slept through the night at 8 weeks; Katelyn at 6 weeks (I give you permission to hate me now). But one word with Katelyn right now: teething. It has been affecting everything lately. Last round she got 4 teeth at once (that sucked) and now I suspect she’s got 2 more coming in – hence the poor sleeping – womp womp 😦

Katelyn6:25am – Katelyn up. This is normal wake up time. I get up and get dressed. Make a bottle, dress and feed Katelyn.

7:06am – today is election day in Illinois. So I’m out the door to go vote. I didn’t really want to take the kids with me, so I left Nathan at home with them while I ran real quick – we live super close to the polling place.

7:30am – back home. Nathan goes to work.


G&T7:32am – Find Garrett in our bed. I put our morning Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the TV.

7:45am – Diaper bag packed. Social media checked. Bullet journaled a few things.

8:20am – finally pulling out of the driveway. It was not a smooth exit from the house. Garrett balked at getting dressed and going to school. Then the garage door didn’t want to go down. So we’re about 20 minutes later than we normally are leaving the house. Boy it’s a good thing my job hours are extremely flexible – I’m never on time anywhere anymore.

G8:38am – drop off at Garrett’s school done – and it went smoothly. Sometimes he walks right in like he owns the place. Other times he clings on to me for dear life. I never know which day I’m going to get. It’s really frustrating. He claims it’s because his buddy Liam is not there when he gets dropped off – I’m terrified to know what’s going to happen next year when he moves up to Pre-K and Liam doesn’t because he won’t make the age cut off ..

9:22am – Katelyn dropped off at my grandma’s house. It sure will be nice when they both go to the same daycare and I only have one drop off location … at least for one year, because then Garrett will start kindergarten and I’ll be back to two drop offs.

9:28am – at work.
9:47am – no really, I will work today (PUT THE PHONE AWAY TARA!!!)

11:45am – go get lunch and take it to my grandma’s.
1:00pm – back at work.

4:00pm – back to my grandma’s to get Katelyn. Drive back to Marion.
4:45pm – pick up Garrett.
G&T&K5:00pm – home.
5:40pm – Nathan home.
6:15pm – dinner time – fettuccine alfredo tonight – this is one of Garrett’s favorites! He even asked for a second helping tonight (YES!!)


Bath time last night...7:00pm – bath time. We decided to change things up tonight and put both kids in the bath together. It didn’t go over very well and probably won’t happen on a regular basis. Garrett loves the bath and is like a fish. Katelyn hates the bath and doesn’t want to be splashed or messed with by Garrett.

8:00pm – Katelyn bottle and bed.
8:29pm – Katelyn asleep … let’s hope that’s for the night!

8:34pm – coaxing Garrett into one Mickey Mouse Clubhouse before bed. (I’m ashamed to admit that after being very strict with screen time for Garrett his first two years of life we have done a complete 360 and now don’t restrict it at all. I know I should. But I just can’t seem to make myself do it … it’s out of hand. Judge me if you want, I’m beyond caring. )

9:13pm – three books read to Garrett and he’s tucked in for the night. He’s really a hoot because he wants three books read to him every single night since he’s three years old. Thank goodness none of his books are very long. But I’m not looking forward to this trend continuing when he’s 4, 5, 6,7…etc. I’m very happy that he loves books though 🙂 Oh and this is an excellent night for bedtime … if Garrett is in bed by 9:30 I consider it a success. Stubborn little night owl!

9:15-10:45pm – Read. Watch news. Check social media. Then lights out.


Just another boring old day in my life. Nothing much ever changes. Nothing much ever happens. But it’s a pretty good life we have. Thanks for reading and I can’t wait to read your day in the life 🙂