Monthly Wrap Up

April 2018 Wrap Up

Goodness, another month gone by…. doesn’t seem quite possible, does it?! I really stalled out in April for some reason… not exactly sure why, though, because I read some awesome books. Oh well. So I managed to finish 4 books for 1,179 total pages. Not a great month, and I did have 1 DNF… here’s to hoping May is better! Here’s what I read [my review for Hiding will go live in May]:

Home FireF is for FugitiveThe Woman in Cabin 10Hiding

I think I have two favorites this month …. for completely different reasons! First is Home Fire which I loved just for the sheer feelings/thoughts it gave me. I’m still in a little book hangover from it…. the second one is The Woman in Cabin 10 because it was a heck of a roller coaster ride! Really enjoyed that one.

To recap, here’s what all got posted this month:

Saw two movies this month…. took Garrett to see Sherlock Gnomes – it wasn’t as good as the previews made me think it was going to be. Nathan and I caught Ready Player One … I personally have never read the book and honestly, the book never interested me. I will say that I enjoyed it in movie format, but I’m not sure the book format would really work for me.

On the home front April was a pretty good month. Nathan and I held a garage sale this past weekend. We didn’t make as much as we did last year, but we didn’t have as many big baby items as we did last year either …. plus I can’t tell you how may people needed clothing in sizes that we just didn’t have. Bummer. I was about to throw down on a snooty old lady who actually had the nerve to loudly complain about our prices. I mean, I probably had a few things a little too high, but there was no reason for her to go there the way she did. Just walk out and go to the next house (we participate in the neighborhood wide sale, there were 6 sales on our street alone…) And naturally this happened early in the morning and put me in a bad mood for the rest of the sale. I hate that I let people get under my skin, but I pay good money for my things – sorry if I don’t want to give it away for 10 cents…

I think I’ve completely lost my mind, but I’m going to participate in a Couch to 5K program locally. We have a pretty big running club (River to River) that puts on a lot of events, including a large relay every year, and one of the club members has decided to host a Couch to 5K thing. I will probably die. I’m not a runner, I never have been and I may never be…. but I’d like to at least attempt it. In my kickboxing class, we’ve been running laps in between sets and I can already tell a huge difference in my stamina … but I’m still slow as molasses, ha! I’ve added in some serious cardio with my step class twice a week. I’m making serious gains … I’m just trying to add in something a little different. I’ve seriously plateaued on my weight loss journey and I need something to kick it back into gear. Maybe it will be running, maybe it won’t be … but I’m at least going to give it a shot!

I don’t really know what else to say right now …. be on the lookout for my tour stop review of Hiding coming May 3rd. And I’m sure I’ll have some other stuff coming up. May be a little more quiet than normal, because literally every weekend is already booked up. We’ve got both kids’ birthdays this month, our sister-in-law is graduating with her master’s degree, there’s Mother’s Day, we’re going to head to a Cardinals baseball game one Sunday, Garrett’s baseball games are starting. It’s going to be an absolute insane month!

Until next time … happy reading!

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