Sunday Wrap-Up

Sunday Wrap-Up, Jan. 9, 2011

I’m going to be starting something new here on my blog. I’ve seen some other people do things like this and I think it’s a great idea. I want to start wrapping up what I’ve done here on my blog on a weekly basis. Here goes:

I participated in three memes this week:

  1. I talked about how I did with my 2010 reading goals in my Musing Mondays post
  2. I listed my Top 10 MUST READ books for 2011 in Top Ten Tuesdays
  3. And I participated in WWW Wednesdays

I also reviewed one book this week:

  1. Double Cross by James Patterson

I started a new page here on my blog:

  1. Books Acquired in 2011

Overall, I did pretty good here on my blog this week. I am trying to make a conscious effort to post more and participate more in 2011 than I have in my previous years as a book blogger. It’s hard to believe that I’m going into my 3rd year of blogging this year! Crazy! I’m definitely looking forward to making 2011 a wonderful year as far as my blog is concerned.

I cleaned up my blog a little bit last weekend – trying to get my 2010 things into more permanent locations and get my 2011 goals/challenges zeroed out to start all over again. I spend way too much time on the internet, and yet, not enough time on my blog! I hope to be able really get this blog into tip-top shape. You might be seeing some layout changes in the coming months, as I’m itching for something new (and yet dragging my feet because of the time it will take, and the insecurities I have with changing anything too much). Hope everyone has another great week this week!