Sunday Wrap-Up

Sunday Wrap-Up, Jan. 23, 2011

So I just realized as I was looking back at my format for last week’s Sunday Wrap-Up, that I actually titled it with the wrong year! Oops! I’m still writing 2010 on most everything (checks, blog posts, EVERYTHING!) and I probably will continue to do so until at least March. So if you see any other incorrect years, please ignore them 🙂

This past week I was in Las Vegas for the World of Concrete convention. (And a little gambling and good eating, too!) So my participation on this blog was a little lacking. I only scheduled one post:

And I had one review:

Oh and I have one more tidbit to add. Two years ago today, my “baby” was welcomed into this world. That was the week that western Kentucky was hit really hard by an ice storm. He was the runt of the litter and the breeder almost lost him due to power outages and not really being able to get him the proper veterinarian care due to the weather. Needless to say, I’m very glad that he pulled through, because he makes us smile EVERY day! (Even when he’s being as obnoxious as he possibly can). The past two years have been a big experience for my husband and I. We had pets growing up, but neither one of us ever had a pet that was completely our responsibility. So I would like to wish my Buster a happy second birthday!