Meme, Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday – Jan. 11, 2010

Top Ten Bookish/Blogging Resolutions in which you can share all those things you things that you resolve to do concerning your reading or blogging life.

  1. Participate in as many memes as I possibly can. I pass up on a lot of opportunities when it comes to memes. I want to change that this year. I need to participate more, it will only help me become more well known in the book blogosphere, plus it will help me post everyday (hopefully!)
  2. Comment, comment, comment. I am determined to stop being such a lurker and comment on other people’s blogs more often. I have countless blogs in my Google Reader that I follow religiously, I want to let all these wonderful bloggers know that I’m enjoying their blogs!
  3. Review a book as quickly as I can. I noticed more than once in 2010 that I wasn’t reviewing books as soon as I possibly could. This meant that by the time I got around to reviewing the book, I was 2-3 books down the road and had trouble recalling specifics about the particular book I was trying to review. I don’t necessarily have to review the book on my blog immediately, I just want to make sure that I don’t let too much time pass before I have a chance to put words to my thoughts.
  4. READ MORE! I read 67 books total in 2010. Overall, I’m pleased with that number. But in November I only read 3 books! I could have easily hit 70 books had I not hit such a huge slump. I need to work out of those slumps. I need to pick up “fluff” books when I hit slumps. I need to make myself read as much as I possibly can.
  5. Pick up that Nook. I received a Nook Color for Christmas. I received it early, the day it came out. And I have read ONE book on it. ONE!! And I have loaded like 6-7 books on it. I need to pick it up more and read off of it more. I like to read two books at once. I always take a book with me to work. I need to make a plan to pick up the Nook and read it at night. (Unless of course the paper book that I’m reading at work is just that good and I want to read it more.)
  6. Schedule. I need to use the schedule feature more often. A lot of the things that I post on here I can use the schedule feature. For example, this is a scheduled post! I started this post on Jan. 4th, it’s now Jan. 9th and I’m editing on it some more 🙂 This is definitely a feature I need to use, especially since I tend to go out of town quite a bit. I hate having huge gaps in the dates of my posts. If I schedule, I can cut back on that.
  7. Find a better layout. Here’s the deal, I’ve had the same theme on my blog since the day I took it live on WordPress. I just keep changing the colors. I need something new. I need something better. I’ve been putting off changing things up because of all my widgets and needing the free time to mess with it all at once. I need to just schedule a weekend and sit down and take care of it all.
  8. Organize those book shelves. My in-laws bought me a nice 5 shelf book case for Christmas. Not one of those cheapies that I have from Walmart. A nice one. I need to get it put together (I love my husband!) and start getting my books better organized. I was using an Excel spreadsheet. That’s just not cutting it anymore. I have downloaded a free trial version of a book database software. I have begun inputting a little bit, if I continue to like it I will purchase the full version and go from there.
  9. Breaking up is hard to do. I need to break up with some of my books. Desperately. I need to just sit down and weed them out. If they’ve been on my shelves for too long I need to see about moving them to another spot and if they are still unread within 6 months, they need new homes. Period. End of story. I need to do this, my house is being overrun with books (and I have a huge house!). Besides, I am a little intimidated by the amount of books I have, it’s daunting, actually.
  10. Get my husband to read. My husband, bless his heart, is a civil engineer. He claims he hates to read. I keep telling him he hasn’t found the right book yet. I’m determined to find the right book, even if that means I have to hunt down James Bond and Indiana Jones books for him (his favorite movies). I don’t necessarily want to turn him into a book worm like me, but we travel a lot and it would be nice if I could get him to read a book on airplanes rather than bug me the whole trip 🙂