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Needing a vacation from my vacation!


Wowzers. I had one heck of a vacation. And I am absolutely exhausted!

We went to Hawaii. We did the 7 day Norwegian Cruise Line Pride of America cruise. It’s essentially a way to island hop without having to deal with the airport. It was nice – we sailed out of Honolulu and then went to Maui, Hilo, Kona and Kauai. We had a blast. We did way too many things and completely wore ourselves out.

I will write up a more detailed vacation post when I have time later on. I just wanted to pop in and let everyone know that I am still here – just a little MIA at the time. Oh and I have to say that we attempted to do the sunrise at Maui based solely on Trish’s (Love Laughter Insanity) recommendation. You can read her write up about it here. Unfortunately, you will notice that I stated we “attempted” it. We had a big major fail. It was miserable. Cold. Rainy. A little sleet here and there. And yep, you guessed it – nothing but cloud cover. The sun came up and you could see absolutely NOTHING. Oh well. Oh, and Trish if you read this – we were actually one of those crazy bike riders on the way down 🙂 That was fun and made up for the disastrous sunrise.

However, I am excited to tell you that I have THREE reviews to write! Yep, that’s right – I finished THREE books on my vacation! Woo. Of course it takes a long time for us to get to Hawaii. We had to drive to St. Louis (3 hours from home) take a plane to Dallas (2 hours) and then flew nonstop from there to Honolulu (8.5 hours on the way out; 6.75 hours on the way home). Lots and lots of free time to read. But you will have to wait for one of the reviews, I’m not scheduled to post it until early January. I still have a lot of books to read – I have a couple more review books coming up that I must get to ASAP, but at least I got the two most pressing review books out of the way.

You have no idea how excited I am that I was able to sneak those three books in – it definitely made my yearly total look much better than I had originally thought it would be. If I finish one more book this year that will make #35 and I would be absolutely ecstatic!

The bad part about taking that vacation? Time change – it’s now 11:43pm here as I’m typing this and I am wide awake … because it’s only 7:43pm Hawaii time. Ugh. Which will not be pretty when Garrett decides to wake up tomorrow morning at 6:30am. Guess I’d better get to bed.

I hope to be writing some reviews and posts in the coming week. I need to start wrapping everything up for 2012. I still can’t believe it’s almost 2013! INSANE!

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