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Thinking about the future


So earlier this week one of my favorite bloggers, Trish over at Love, Laughter, Insanity, wrote a very poignant post about being more than just a book blogger.

It’s like she read my mind.

This is something that I have been struggling with for some time now. Most of my loyal followers know that I have considered closing up shop completely.

But the truth is, I worked darned hard to get where I am today with my blog. I worked very hard to get the connections that I have with the publicists/authors/publishers. I’ve made what I consider friends through my blog. I might not ever meet them in person, but I always know that I can count on them for good thoughts, recommendations and insights when they’re commenting.

And it’s like I told my husband – do I really want to give that up? Do I really want to give up 5 years of my hard work just to have a little bit more free time?

Well, the truth is – not really.

However, that’s not to say that some things don’t need to change around here. Because they do. I’m still not 100% happy with the way things are run on my blog. I’m not happy that I have too many commitments to be posting as many reviews as I used to (oh, but my son is SO worth it!). I’m not happy that 95% of the stuff I post on my blogs are memes. I’m not happy that I feel as if I am a book blogger and I can’t step outside those boundaries and post personal stuff.

That’s not who I am anymore.

Sure, I’m a book blogger. But is that really how I want to continually define myself? Is that where I see this blog in a few more years?

Not even close.

I am a mommy. I am a (sort-of) foodie. I am a reader. I am a sports fanatic. I am a dog lover.

And the fact of the matter is that this blog doesn’t really reflect any of that additional stuff. Sure I’ve posted a few recipe posts here lately. And I’ve done a few personal posts, but those were mainly done while I was still pregnant – and hormonal, ha!

Trish made a bold move a few years ago – she changed her entire blog. Well, actually, she merged two into one. And as she explains in her post from earlier this week, she took a risk that paid off.

This is something that I’ve been considering for some time now. To be completely honest, I never truly enjoyed “Tales of a Book Addict.” It’s just a name I came up with on the fly when I was originally setting up my blog. I don’t think I anticipated sticking around as long as I have. And I don’t think I truly understood that your blog name would be your brand, and that it would be nearly impossible to change.

I should have changed it last year when I bought my domain name. I seriously considered it. But then I realized that people wouldn’t be able to find me. And I definitely didn’t want that. And I was also a little scared to take that leap of faith. The leap of faith that my faithful readers (all 5 of you – ha! joking!) would follow me no matter which way I decided to go on. However, it’s a change that I’m not going to be making now. I’ll keep my domain name, but I might change the actual title of the blog itself. To something more appropriate for what I’m feeling.

So, what does this big long rambling post really have to do with anything?

Here’s the deal. I’m sticking around for longer. But definite changes are happening here on my blog.

I am no longer strictly a book blogger. I am throwing that designation out the window effective immediately.

You will see more personal posts about me, my family, my life in general. I will obviously continue to do my book reviews and some book related memes, but I’m also going to incorporate a lot more stuff into my blog.

I also am going to step away from taking on so many review books. When I first got into the book blogging business, I saw so many big bloggers getting free books. And I wanted to know how they were scoring all that awesome loot. Now I’m bombarded by offers. And I’m overwhelmed. I have a very hard time saying no. I’ve taken on WAY too much already and I am actually booked through May right now. So, once I am finished with the commitments I already have on the table, I will be taking a major step back from taking on any more. I will probably only continue to utilize NetGalley and Edelweiss as well as the tour companies I host for.

Am I going to lose readers who only want book-related stuff? More than likely. Will it matter? Not to me – because I know the readers who truly care will stick with me through this transition. They are the ones I consider friends.

Get ready folks, big changes are happening. And I don’t think I am the only book blogger out there feeling this stuff right now. There seems to be a tide turning within the book blogger world. Who knows where we will go from here.

But wherever we go … we will go with our books in our hands and our hearts on our sleeves.

If you’re still reading this – thanks for sticking with me. Please understand this is a change I have to make for myself. If you’re not still reading this – I wish I could say I was sorry. But I can’t.

My name is Tara. And I am now a book-foodie-mommy-life in general blogger. Have a nice weekend and Happy Easter 🙂

5 thoughts on “Thinking about the future”

  1. I love your “personal” posts as they show a side of you besides that of an avid reader and in fact your posted recipes have been put into their own folder and we have tried out a couple already with enjoyable results.

    Tara what you are feeling is normal, our love for reading is a huge part of our personality but it is not the only part of us that is worth talking about.

  2. Yaaaay for you Tara, your blog is for those that read it but 1st it should be for you, so do it with pride and enjoy.

    I will still stick around, I may not comment as I often, but I have not blogged in the last year as I have did the last 3 years. Life just takes over but I can ignore a post i’m not interested and get excited over others.

    The consistent thing about life is change so go with it.

  3. Thank you, Jackie. I am so glad that you have successfully tried some of my recipes! I’m thrilled that I shared some that were interesting enough for you to try!

    Marce – thank you. I think a lot of book bloggers are slowing down a bit in general. It seems to be the trend around here. Of course there always seems to be some sort of scandal going on around us – plagiarism has been an issue a few times, authors going off on bad reviews. Always seems to be a little bit like high school, honestly. Drama filled!

  4. I’m finve years in too and like you I’m not in love with my blog name. When I named it, it was more like a holding title til I thought of something better and then the longer it stays the more impossible it becomes to change. Oh well. I think it’s good to branch out. For Gage’s first 2+ years I did a weekly Sundays with Gage post and it was always my most popular of the week!

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