Monthly Wrap Up

January 2018 Wrap Up

January was a good start to 2018 for my reading!! I was able to finish 6 books and 2,073 pages.

14th Deadly SinFinal GirlsThe Madness of Mary LincolnDie Trying by Lee ChildSeven Deadly WondersHis Excellency

The best book this month, without a doubt, was Final Girls. I’m still thinking about that ending!! I’m also impressed that I got 2 non-fiction books in! (I literally only read ONE non-fiction book last YEAR…) Plus I started on my Presidential Reading Challenge journey with His Excellency: George Washington. My review on that one is forthcoming.

I’ve also started reading my What Should I Read Next book selection. I just didn’t get to it this month, so I’ll get my thoughts on that one up sometime in February after I finish.

I was a lot more active than normal here on the blog. I started carving out some time every Saturday morning to kind of look at the upcoming week and see what I could pre-schedule. This helped a lot. I hope to be able to continue on with that trend.

To briefly highlight my posts from January:

So there you have it … there’s January on the blog in a nutshell. On the home front, we had a nasty cold January. I swear to you I thought I was going to go absolutely bonkers when Garrett was out of school for a week of snow days. We were able to get three “dates” in January … on one of those we stayed home and did absolutely nothing while the kiddos spent the night at the grandparents. The next one was dinner and a movie. The last one was a day trip up to St. Louis to go to the car show up there. All that accomplished was leaving me drooling for a BMW X3…… maybe in another lifetime 😀

Oh and here’s something else I’m trying to keep track of this year … our movies we watch.

  1. The Post …. saw this one in the theater on one of our abovementioned dates. I throughly enjoyed it! I don’t think Nathan was all that impressed …. and neither was the guy next to him that fell asleep…..
  2. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales …. caught this one on Netflix during the abovementioned date night at home. It was good! But I’m a sucker for the Pirates of the Caribbean movies…
  3. Free State of Jones …. Nathan had recorded this one on our DVR awhile ago. We finally got around to it. I enjoyed it. I bought my father-in-law the book and now I kind of want to ask him to let me borrow it 🙂



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