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Sunday Thoughts

Another week has come and gone *sigh* And this upcoming week is going to be crazy insane for me. We leave on Friday for Spring Break in Florida! Yay!

So this week I have to …. pack for the four of us. Figure out if Katelyn has ANYTHING from late last season she can still wear – I don’t want the poor girl to swelter. I’m good on Garrett, since our old neighbors (they literally moved out last week 😥 ) gave me a ton of clothes for Garrett late last fall ranging in sizes from 4 to 6. Swim suits will probably have to be purchased for both kiddos. Oh and lets not even think about all the stuff that I have to wrap up at work before I can get out of town for a week. Ugh. Remind me why I thought this was going to be a good idea?!

We’re driving down. 15 hours in a car. With two children who 9 times out of 10 do not get along. Oh and my in-laws are coming with us (in a separate car). I’ve never been on vacation with my in-laws. And we’re going to put 6 people in a 2 bedroom condo. I’m likely to come back completely and totally insane. This whole thing started with it just being the four of us getting away by ourselves for the first time ever. And now the in-laws are coming. And don’t get me wrong, I love my in-laws, and I will be very thankful for their help on this trip …. but our condo is not big enough for all of us. Plus where we are going is relatively expensive …. and they are pretty cheap. It feels like it’s going to be a recipe for disaster. I went from really looking forward to this trip …. to not really wanting to go. Plus my grandma just spent a month down there (it’s her condo we’re borrowing) and she said that the traffic is absolutely insane because the snowbirds are still there in force. Ugh. And of course my in-laws are all about getting out and doing something every day all day. I just wanted to lay on the beach and in the condo. All day every day. Guess I’m not going to get that wish anymore….. I don’t want to go 😦

Ok, enough with the pity party.

Today the kids and I are meeting up with my parents for lunch. They’ve been out of town on vacation and then with us leaving for a week they wanted to see the kids before our trip. Later this afternoon Garrett has a play date at the park with an old daycare buddy. He’s apparently going to be moving to our town and will be going to school with Garrett in the fall – yay! It’s a sad situation as to the why, but I know Garrett will love having this friend around again!

Reading wise I’m hanging in there. I’ve got about 60 pages to go in my second George Washington book and I’m 40% into Baby Teeth. Holy moly is that book insane! I’m LOVING it! I got it from NetGalley when it was Read Now and I’m glad I didn’t let this one get away from me!

Upcoming this week, I’ve got a Mailbox Monday scheduled for tomorrow as well as a review scheduled for Thursday. Next week I will have a couple of things pre-scheduled so I’m not completely dark while I’m out of town. Plus I hope to be able to get some good reading done while on vacation 😀

That’s about all I’ve got for today. Have a good week, and wish me luck that I don’t go insane in the next two weeks between getting ready for vacation and the actual vacation itself 😀