Monthly Wrap Up

February 2018 Wrap Up

February is always somewhat of a funky month for my reading. I don’t know why, but my numbers are always a little less than normal. Interestingly enough, I had good strong numbers this month. I was able to finish 5 books and 1,552 pages this month. [Clicking on the book covers will take you to my review … except for The Longest Silence, that review won’t be posted until 3/8] I also made great progress on my next George Washington book… look for that review to be forthcoming sometime in early March.

Tippy Toe MurderThe Longest SilenceA Share in DeathThe Lucky Ones Two Dollar Bill

Without a doubt, my favorite book this month was The Lucky Ones! It was really good! I did have one DNF book this month, my January pick for the What Should I Read Next event…. it just didn’t work for me. It was way too wordy and I took over a week to read less than 100 pages, so I set it aside.

I was able to keep up with regular posting here again in February. To briefly recap:

We had a good month overall. Extremely slow at work … very cold. Bring on spring/summer!! We were able to get two date nights this month …. both were over to Evansville for concerts (so we got overnights out of the deal too, ha!) First we saw Avenged Sevenfold with Bullet for my Valentine & Breaking Benjamin. Then we saw Luke Bryan with The Cadillac Three & Kip Moore. Want to guess which one was my choice and which was Nathan’s?! Ha! Actually Luke Bryan’s concert surprised me …. we literally bought amazing seats 4 days before the event. That was Nathan’s gift to me for Valentine’s Day. Oh and February also saw me getting strep throat. Ugh. Someone explain to me how on earth I managed to go 31 years without ever having strep throat to now getting it twice in less than two years? And both times I’ve had it, neither of my children gave it to me … so I don’t know why I get it and no one else does …. 😥 Ridiculous!

Like I did last month, I tracked the movies I watched in February. Nothing grown up this month, lol. But I caught all three of these with Garrett on Netflix, plus one in the theater:

  1. Trolls … I am not ashamed to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed this one. I found it to be really cute! And I’m still in love with that Justin Timberlake song!
  2. Paddington … This was more of my pick than Garrett’s, ha! But I thought it ended up being good. Quite funny! And I missed the second one in the theater…. rats! Fun fact: My first dog’s name was Paddington 🙂
  3. Kung Fu Panda … I giggled far more than Garrett did through this one. Jack Black’s voice was perfect! A good movie for sure!
  4. Black Panther …. there’s not very many Marvel movies that we miss 🙂 Overall, I enjoyed this one … but at times I have to wonder why this one really deserved its own show? Good, but I’d recommend catching it at home instead of paying for a trip to the theater.

I’ve officially given up the Bullet Journal thing. I want to make it work, but I realized that I literally had not picked the darn thing up since December….. obviously it’s not for me. So instead I’ve taken that journal and made it more of a traditional journal instead. So far I’ve been good about making entries every day. So I’ll just continue to drool over all the pretty bullet journals that people post and let go of all the guilt because it simply does not work for me. I think my problem is that I really don’t feel the need to have daily or weekly to do-lists. And I hate drawing everything out. I’m not artistic so I hate how my stuff always ends up looking. I am including my reading lists in my regular journal, so it’s kind of a hybrid….

I think that’s all I’ve got for now…… until next time!